There is no real fear in blogging, at least not the type of fear that would make you hide in the corner. The fear of blogging originates when you start receiving criticism and negative feedback. There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening, sometimes you have to give the green light to a comprise.

You have to realize and understand that pleasing everyone is simply impossible, there are too many personalities and opinions on subjects we love and talk about. The most common reason why people turn against you is because you are not really helping people, instead – making their lives difficult.

This comes in the form of publishing content that is meant to bad-mouth other people when in fact you are only doing it to get more views, or content that is pure crap and doesn’t add any value to person’s life, but because you are clever, this content happens to be everywhere and people are pissed off.

Fear of Blogging: How-To Deal With Criticism & Negative Feedback

One blog post where you state your opinion on something is fine and acceptable, we have all been there at least once. Trying to do the same thing ten times with the same accent is however disturbing and people get tired of it. We can always say that the grass is green and we will always encounter someone on the web who will be more than happy to disagree with us.

Learn as You Go

The criticism in most cases originates from what the reader has read, he has read your writing style. You cannot put yourself down constantly thinking that your writing style is bad or it’s not good enough. It will get better with time, and you will notice that happening very quickly.

Trolls like to troll and they don’t care what you will think of their feedback, if you know what trolling is you also know how easy it is to leave a comment and move along, never remembering that you actually left that comment.

Learn from your mistakes and continue writing as often as possible to get really good at it. This will help you avoid criticism.


Your blog means your own rules. If you believe in what you are trying to do, you shouldn’t fear a few people trying to frustrate you. Chances are that those people were sent your way to test your spirits and how well you can deal with situations where you are challenged to what you write.

The moment you decide to talk out of your butt is the moment when you ask for trouble.

Challenge the Critic

Well, you can always challenge the critic himself. It’s possible that this guy is only trying to prove to himself that he might know something better than you do. Which is very often not the case. People like to up their ego’s and so they will engage in negative discussions to try and prove something.