Python is without question one of the most talked about programming language in this Universe. It’s everywhere, and because of how simple it is to learn it – many beginner programmers start their career with Python. The syntax of Python is very similar to that of English language, with the exception of a few extra characters here and there, but surely “future Python” is going to be even easier to learn and use for daily tasks.

I’m going to assume that you’ve got some experience with Python already, but even if you don’t – here’s an article to help you get started with Python, and here’s another one that lists all the Python IDEs you can try and work with. But, if you want to advance your skills a little further – these web scraping in Python tutorials might be of great help. It’s such a highly supported language right now, make the best of it.

In this post we will take a look at eleven popular Python blogs, some of them might not be updated on daily basis, but they all contain invaluable information for learning more about Python, and computer science in general. I’ve no biased opinion on any of these, so not only are you welcome to suggest your own Python blogs – you’re encouraged to leave feedback about the ones you can already find in this post. Will you?

1. PyDanny

This is a blog run by Daniel Roy Greenfeld, who currently works for Eventbrite, but has also worked for NASA in the past. He’s skilled in areas such as Python, Django, and also JavaScript. His blog is a collection of his resources, books, but also his extensive and educational tutorials that will shed some new light on how to work with Python.

2. Invent with Python

You shouldn’t let the poor design discourage you from exploring this blog, it has been actively running since 2009, and is home to some 400~ articles on Python. What else, I found this blog to be particularly useful for learning how to create things like bots, and automated scripts for performing tasks with Python.

3. Bite Sized

Here we have the passionate Python developer Yasoob Khalid, sharing his tips, experiences and insights that he has been able to gather through his Python practice. His first posts are definitely a lot higher in quality than the latest ones, but he himself has admitted to not having enough time to produce high-quality content. Either way, there are goodies to be found on his blog.

4. effbot

I think you’re going to love this resource, not only because it has a pleasant design – every single article has been listed in a professional manner, not to mention that you can instantly press CTRL+F and look-up things that you want to learn more about. I didn’t count the total number of articles, but they go into the hundreds. The blog is maintained by Fredrik Lundh.

5. Mouse vs. Python

My name is Mike Driscoll. I am a computer programmer by trade and use Python almost exclusively to make my living. This blog’s original purpose was to be a brain dump. I would post code that I wanted to remember on here and if someone else found it useful, that was a bonus.

Mike is also the author of the Python 101 book, with which he hopes to teach lesser experienced developers what it takes to become a great Python developer. He blogs quite frequently, so worth adding to your feeds list.

6. Real Python

I already linked to the Python learning resource at the beginning of the post, as Real Python was in that list as well. Their blog consists of concise tutorials on Python, Django, Ajax, and other modern technologies that can be used together with Python.

7. Planet Python

What is Planet Python? It’s a website that’s managed by Planet Planet, basically these blogs are a collection of aggregated feeds from hundreds of bloggers and developers all around the world. You can see which feeds are being updated on the left-hand side, in case you wish to follow separately. Great resource, and should be bookmarked to keep up to date with latest in Python.

8. Love Python

Here we have Tamim Shahriar sharing with us his Python tips, advice, snippets and much more. The blog itself is built on top of a simple grid style design, and while majority of posts lack images – you can easily see what each post is going to teach you just by reading its title. Once again, this is invaluable for those learning Python.

9. Brett Cannon

Brett is a core developer of the Python programming language, and he’s also employed by Google. His blogs are the reflection of where Python is headed, and how you should prepare for changes. He also seems to blog quite a bit about mobile related topics.

10. Armin Ronacher

My name is Armin Ronacher and I’m a passionate developer interested in web development, graphics, realtime rendering and tons of other stuff. I am one of the founding members of the Pocoo Team and lead developer on a couple of popular Python projects.

He wasn’t kidding when he said he has worked on a ‘couple’ of Python projects, you can explore those more in-depth on his projects page. Great guy, and great resources to learn from.

11. Doug Hellmann

Doug has been developing with Python since the very early days (1.4), and his blog is a resource of tools, tutorials and guides on how to better approach Python. I highly recommend to browse his GitHub projects, insane amount of stuff built!

Must-Read Blogs for Python Developers

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup of blogs to read for Python developers, both beginner and advanced levels. You can submit your own in comments, as always. I didn’t focus on global development blogs (even if they have Python content), and rather I tried to put the focus on individuals and Python-only resources; seems to have worked well.