If you’re not a fan of Christmas decorating the traditional way, how about Christmas decorating ideas for nerds? Take advantage of the incredible Christmas sales in 2019 to combine the world of festive decorations and technology. With smart tech ruling in 2019, the possibilities are huge when it comes to implementing a unique holiday feeling in your home.

There is no denying that tech has taken massive leaps forward in 2019, and this is something we should certainly be making the most of this Christmas. From instructing Alexa to turn our Christmas lights on to downloading Christmas coupon apps, there are a lot of different ways you can use technology to give you that beautiful festive feel in your home while having a lot of fun in the process too. Time to ditch the ultra-traditional decorations and give them a modern tweak with these Christmas decorating ideas. If you’re a tech fan, you’re in for a treat!

  1.     Light up Christmas with an exciting Light Laser that projects snowflakes, candy canes, and holiday cheer. You can make the most of systems like Raspberry PI to automate all of your home technology, including your Christmas lights. The great thing about using this during the festive period is that you will be able to automate all of your Christmas lights. This means that your lights will turn on and off based on the requirements you have put in. You cannot only use this to make sure your house looks festive at the best of times but it is a great way to save money too. After all, we all know Christmas is an expensive time of year without adding on extra electricity costs. A system like the Raspberry PI will ensure that you are running your home efficiently. 

Light Laser

  1.     Add a touch of nature with lighted rope reindeer grazing lazily on your lawn.
  2.     Bring Santa Claus to your front yard with a giant inflatable Christmas Santa with Reindeer. 
  3.     Remember the Christmas story with a beautiful lighted Nativity scene elegantly sitting in your front yard. You can also invest in other pieces of lighting and technology if you want to go all out. 
  4.     Light up your neighborhood with a forest of Jingle Jollys LED Christmas Trees
  5.     Bring winter to your home with Rope Snowflake lights both inside and outside your home
  6.     Add a cute matching Inflatable pop up Santa and Elves in a chimney from Jingle Jollys
  7.     For a laugh, add the Jingle Jollys Inflatable Santa on Tree which features Santa trapped in a tree, cute puppy included! This is a great way to get the kids laughing. You can also download different Christmas game apps for your children to enjoy on their phones. 
  8.     Bring joy to your home with an elegant Seven Foot Winter White Christmas tree-lined with dozens of Christmas gifts
  9. Be the home of festive jolly joy with a Giant inflatable reindeer
  10. Bring luxurious elegance and brightness to your home with delicate Christmas Curtain Fairy lights, beautiful holiday time Christmas decorations
  11. Be colorful with a wide array of exciting multicolored neon Christmas lights for your next holiday party festivities
  12. Have a laugh with a cute Inflatable Disco Santa Claus dancing on your front lawn. What’s a dancing Santa without some music to dance to? Black Friday will soon be upon us and there is no better time to invest in tech items, which will be much cheaper than they usually are. How cool would it be to say “Alexa, can you play All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey”? You don’t have to do anything apart from the state your request and then you will have all of the festive music you need for the holiday season. Not only is this going to be great for your dancing Santa but it’s perfect if you are the type of guest who likes to host a lot during the festive season. 

Voice vector

  1. Cover your garden in beauty with a lovely Christmas Lights Net Mesh, perfect for every home
  2. Greet your guests with Jingle Jolly’s inflatable Candy Pole signs
  3. Have your guests walk under a festive Inflatable Christmas Giant Arch. Don’t forget to take some snaps on your smartphone! There are lots of great photo editing apps to help with this too.
  4. Adorn trees and your home with giant Christmas ornaments
  5. Light holiday scented candles around your home with scents like a candy cane, cinnamon, and baked cookie. Or, if you do not want to run the risk of a fire hazard in your home, there are tech alternatives to standard candles. After all, if you have small children, you’re not going to want to have a fire lit, are you? Instead, you can get candles that mimic the real thing, yet the flame itself is not real. Moreover, there are so many different clever lights that are for sale nowadays, so it is worth exploring these options too. You will be amazed by what you can find. 

Scented Candles

  1. Shower your guests with delicious treats in festive holiday trays lined with sprigs of evergreen throughout your home
  2. Hang a traditional holiday wreath outside your home for a touch of Christmas memories

In order to make sure you are getting the best deals on all of the items that have been mentioned, it is certainly worth downloading a shopping app on your phone. There are lots of apps for discounts and voucher codes today, and they will enable you to source the best deals so that you don’t end up spending a fortune unnecessarily. There are some apps that will even automatically add the discount codes to your basket, meaning you don’t have to do a thing aside from download the app.  

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Bring all of your favorite holiday memories to life with a show of bright lights and larger-than-life Christmas decorations. This year enjoy the splendor and the beauty of the holiday season. Skip minimalism and stark decorations. This year jump into the exciting world of Christmas wonder!