Cloud BI Defined

Cloud computing and business intelligence (BI) can be a suitable match. Business intelligence comprises delivering the correct information to the right audience, while cloud computing delivers an agile way to access data and applications. The beauty of cloud BI applications is you can access them on multiple devices and web browsers, which affords you a great deal of agility. This is why many businesses have opted to use cloud BI over traditional methods to manage data.

The traditional ways provide challenges to many organizations when handling big data analysis and storage. On the other hand, cloud Business Intelligence  (cloud BI) platforms simplify things. They combine storage and collection in a way that is vital to decision-making processes, enabling organizations to consistently provide decision-makers with the right information at the right time, on their own terms, without expert assistance. 

However, the challenge facing BI technology is that employees are reluctant to adopt it. That is because some lack prior knowledge on the importance of the technology while others see it as a highway to lost jobs. Changing that mindset is key to the nurturing of a BI culture within organizations. 

With that in mind, here are a few pointers on the importance and role of cloud BI in the business management processes.

Data Security

Security is always a concern. Every business needs to secure its data and trade secrets as much as possible. However, traditional security technology methods do not provide enough protection, due to the potential for the quick spread of threats via virtualized environments.

On the other hand, cloud BI takes care of the security worries. The platform is designed and advanced such that users do not know the exact location of their sensitive data. The cloud service providers maintain data centers in dispersed locations, eliminating security challenges and threats.

Mobile Friendliness

Did you know that the traditional data storage methods might not work outside a firewall? That means if an employee or a business owner is to access data, it might be impossible to use a mobile phone. Worse would come if a person is out of the office and wants to access vital information, meaning that you’ll have to go back to the office to access a desktop.

Thanks to cloud business intelligence, employees no longer have to be tied to their desktops to access information. Cloud BI uses a mobile enterprise strategy, enabling employees and decision-makers to stay in touch with data regardless of their physical location. Cloud BI is a vital tool for efficient communication with clients, hence uplifting productivity.

Ease of Deployment

In the past, service providers would sell business software and have their IT experts install it. Therefore, only large organizations were in a position to afford and deploy software that provided business development insights. Other operators were forced to depend on traditional business technology.

With cloud business intelligence and its economic benefits, users of all classes ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations can access this platform. The software is internet-based and does not need an IT expert for installations.

Fast Access and Easy Data Interpretation

Cloud Business Intelligence has advanced such that it minimizes the number of onsite servers and staff needed to manage daily operations. Therefore, it reduces expenses that would have been incurred if the company was to deploy onsite servers and staff. 

Cloud BI also offers visual analytic features such as flowcharts, diagrams, and business intelligence analytics. These visual tools are easy to understand and interpret as opposed to traditional technology that entailed coded data. With such advancement, Cloud BI solutions make it easy and fast to interpret business information.

In Conclusion

Technology brings advancement in business practices. As a business owner or employee, you need to understand the role played by Cloud Business Intelligence technology in your field of practice. To give the business visibility and data mobility, it’s crucial to adopt Cloud Business Intelligence solutions.

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