Crypto exchange has taken a huge step into the future of assets trading. With its help, you can now trade tokenised assets such as tokenised stocks, tokenised indices, tokenised commodities, and tokenised currencies on the blockchain in the same way you trade cryptocurrencies like ethereum or bitcoin. You can do all this in one place without having to convert your cryptocurrencies back into fiat currency; instead, use the first regulated tokenised assets crypto exchange in CIS – Here’s why that’s a big deal for traders.

What are tokenised assets and why are they the future of trading?

Tokenised assets are a new, highly efficient way of trading and investing. They combine the worlds of traditional investing with cryptocurrency. Here’s how the process works: a token is created on a crypto network, and then that token is used to represent the price of an underlying asset, such as stock in a company.

For example, someone might create a tokenised asset called a Facebook token with a guarantee that one token could be traded for one real Facebook share at any time. This way, Facebook tokens can be traded quickly and cheaply on the blockchain in the same way you’d trade cryptocurrency. When the Facebook stock price goes up or down, so too does the value of the Facebook token. This is exactly how US dollar tokens such as Tether work. But what crypto exchange has done is expand the idea to cover a whole range of traditional investment assets.

Tokenised assets are technologically superior to traditional trading technologies. They can be traded securely and near-instantaneously anywhere in the world at close to zero cost. This stands in stark contrast to the traditional (slow and expensive) ways of trading. It’s a technological development that makes so much sense for trading that it clearly represents the future of the industry. 

Benefits of trading tokenised assets

Tokenised assets solve many problems of traditional trading, just like Bitcoin emerged as a solution to the issues of traditional currencies. Tokenisation makes trading faster, more convenient, cheaper, and safer for traders.

Below are some other major advantages of using tokenised assets:

1. Access to regulated tokenised markets

The main benefit for cryptocurrency traders is gaining full access to the regulated financial markets. The assets you can trade include everything from stocks, bonds, and securities to commodities and precious metals. 

Usually, crypto traders would have to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat currency (with the associated cost and effort) and switch to a different trading platform to perform these trades. With tokenised assets, it’s possible to combine the processes seamlessly. You can make nearly frictionless trades between bitcoin, fiat currencies, stocks, or any other assets that are tokenised. 

2. Speed

One of the core advantages of modern crypto networks is speed. International transactions that used to take days have been disrupted by cryptocurrencies that can perform them in seconds. Tokenised assets are run by smart contracts on a blockchain and have the same properties. The industry’s future lies in near-instant trading between any assets in the world using tokenisation.

3. Cost

Crypto token trades are also extremely cheap. Blockchain uses clever cryptography to cut out the middlemen traditionally required for transactions. This is how transactions on some blockchains cost only cents or are even free. For example, Nano transactions cost $0 and can be done in 0.14 seconds. Tokenised asset transactions are simply transactions on a blockchain, so they can be just as fast and just as cheap. 

4. Trading automation

When the entire transaction process is fully digitised, it creates plenty of opportunities for automation. Algorithmic trading is extremely powerful and already accounts for 70-80% of the US stock market. A tokenised assets platform is perfect for developing automated trading software and will open up algorithmic trading to all global markets. 

5. Decentralisation

Some of blockchain’s biggest benefits are related to decentralisation. These include accessibility, immutability, and transparency. Essentially, anyone can access it at any time, nobody can censor it, and everyone can see the full network in operation. 

These are massive advantages for the users of such networks because they take power away from governments and large institutions and hand it back to individual users. Decentralisation removes numerous barriers to investment and ensures higher asset liquidity.

Why you should choose crypto exchange has managed to create something that many crypto traders have been craving for a long time: a single platform for seamless trading of cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets. Traders can make profits on various tokenised markets without having to convert crypto to fiat. is a solid crypto exchange. It has transparent and competitive fees as well as competitive market spreads. Among the tokenised assets you can trade on the crypto platform, there are tokenised indices like the S&P 500 Dow Jones 30, various tokenised commodities like precious metals and oils, tokenised company shares like Amazon and Coca-Cola, and many more. Advanced traders can also benefit from leverage up to 1:500. 

Another important feature is that crypto exchange is a regulated tokenised asset crypto exchange. The company operating the cryptoplatform is based in Belarus and complies with Belarusian law. You can be sure that your assets are safe thanks to the rigorous AML and KYC checks.

Moreover, crypto exchange has a mobile app available on iOS and Android. It facilitates a continuous trading process that you can control from any location at any time.


Tokenised assets trading is the next step in trading. It provides both traditional and crypto traders with new and exciting opportunities for diversifying portfolios and increasing profits. has created a solid trading platform with over 2,000 tokenised assets, attractive commissions, and pro trader features. 

The company provides unique investment opportunities and brings everyone closer to world-class assets. For example, you can use your bitcoins to get your own tokenised share of the Apple company with a few clicks on the website. 

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