Top 5 Drawing Games You Can Play Online

I have never been a huge artist myself, I prefer writing more than I do drawing, but there are times when you want to doodle something up, and perhaps paper and pencils are not at your disposal at that given moment, the next best option – online drawing games.

I’ve played around with these myself over the course of a couple of years, while many of them have been developed to meet the current web standards, a few might look a little older, and take a more classical approach.

Everyone knows the benefits of creativity, the creative expression and the creative passion which fuels our brains with the natural high that some of us tend to call ‘life’. Drawing is a beautiful art-form, we can encapsulate and transfer whatever that it is in our minds, onto an piece of paper. Or in this case, a drawing game that’s accessible online.

Be it real, fake, imaginary or given to you by someone else, the inspiration for drawing is to be found all around us. Some of these games will inspire you to think of drawing in completely new ways, just like they did for me. I hope you’ll enjoy, and don’t forget to post your own favorite games in the comment section below the post!


Drawing Games Free online games at
I have known these guys for a while now. They aren’t a really big company or anything, medium-sized with a reasonable community size. What I like about their platform is that it’s smooth, and it provides a decent variety of drawing games that I can access instantly, whenever I want. Many of the games on this site are traditional point and draw a line type of games, but some are interesting enough to spark your creative juices.

Draw Something Online

Draw Something Online
Now, this is more of something that I’d be after if I was looking for decent quality online drawing games. I think that a lot of people are already aware of this type of a game, where a few people join together in a match and then draw whatever word they pick from the given words list.

The other player(s) have to guess what you’re trying to draw. It’s not just about points either, it’s all about learning to draw things from your own creativity, not to mention trying to guess others work. Fun, entertaining and free to play.

I think if you register, some of the time limits are taken away.


Guess A Sketch

Guess-a-Sketch is an online multiplayer game of drawing and guessing. One person draws a randomly selected word (or phrase) and the rest try to guess it. The winner is the first to 100 points.

You could say that this, and the above games are exactly the same, and while that is true, I’ve found that Guess-a-Sketch offers a little more excitement to their chat rooms, I think it’s because of the type of a community that plays the game on that particular website.

It has specific rooms that are meant for both inexperienced, and more experienced players. The difference is in the difficulty of words, beginners get easy words, while advanced players are given more strategic words. It’s all fun at the end of the day.

Sketch & Paint!

Paint Online Sketch Paint
I love this, the technology they use to power the drawing features is magnificent, and it really emphasizes the reality of drawing. It’s like drawing a painting in real life, if you can accommodate for the fact that you’re painting on an online website, that is. It’s hard to put it in words, so please check out the functionality of this drawing ‘game’, it’s lovely.

Draw a Stickman

Draw a Stickman

Draw a stickman and then guide him through a fantastic world where you have complete creative freedom. Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Draw a Stickman Epic combines adventure, puzzle, action, and creative thinking, like no game you’ve ever played before!

I remember the launch of this, it was so much fun and the feeling was like something I’d never have experienced before, definitely a nice and creative take on the online drawing technology. As the above quote explains, it’s a game where you draw things that end up building a story of sorts. Fun to do while waiting on a train, bus or whatever.

Drawing Games You Can Play Online

That’s about it for my personal collection of online drawing games, I hope that some of these were new to you, and while one of these is not exactly a ‘game’, it’s still a fun way of playing with your creativity, or just passing some time quickly.