There I was, editing one of my spreadsheets using Google Spreadsheets, what has the World come to? Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services on the planet, and in a new announcement today – the company says they’re going to team up with Microsoft, or more specifically – the Microsoft Office service.

I guess it’s not such bad news for those who’re into cloud storage, and actually use their Dropbox account on frequent basis. Not to mention, if you’ve been using Office + Dropbox separately over the last couple of months, this change will further amplify your workflow; and the amount of stuff you’re getting done.

In their own words, the Dropbox family has this to say about the release: “Soon you’ll be able to access your Dropbox directly from Office apps, and edit Office files from the Dropbox app.” – you can expect to see this roll-out within the next couple of weeks, for both iOS and Android customers. Business users, don’t worry, Dropbox has not forgotten about you; here’s the announcement for those on the business plan.

Here’s the list of new features:

  • Sync Changes – You’ll be able to edit your office files by using the Dropbox mobile application, which will then allow you to sync changes across your devices. Now you’ll be able to create files at your office, and wrap them up wherever. Fantastic!
  • Office Integration – Basically, you’ll be able to access your Dropbox files from within the Office application, which will further allow you to sync your files and keep them updated at all times. (w/o the restrictions of devices)
  • Instant Messaging – You’ll also be able to collect links (from Office) for your newly shared Dropbox files, instantly send a link to your friends or co-workers.

Now, as for the Office Online users – there are going to be more features added in the future, specifically – the integration of Dropbox and Office Online, and you can also expect to see new Dropbox apps for Windows Phones & Tablets. I suppose this is a pretty big deal for some!

Anyway, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is taking the initiative to create partnerships with their indirect competitors. We’ll have to wait and see for how well this works out. What are your thoughts on this?