E-mail campaigns, when used correctly, can often be powerful marketing tools. However, they are often underestimated for being simple e-mailers that are considered as irritating or time-consuming with little or no results. In this article, we will discuss creative E-mail Marketing Campaign one should definitely consider.

E-mail marketing offers a number of benefits over other E-mail marketing campaigns including being low cost, convenient, creative, and flexible. But, it can often be a challenging task for small business owners since they don’t have the time to plan for much other than announcements. What about when there are no new announcements? There are also other emails that you can send to help grasp the attention of your viewers and also keep your brand in their mind long after they’ve read your email and moved on.

When we talk about e-mailers, there are a few basic ones that commonly pop up in our minds – sales promotional emails, welcome emails, and newsletters. But there is so much a company can accomplish through emails without getting the user irritated.

Few things to remember while sending an E-mail marketing campaign:

  • Be Creative – It is important that you are creative when it comes to email marketing and not just with words, but use catchy colors and images. If the email is catchy, it will definitely catch the attention of the user. However, it if is dull and boring – you will definitely lose the customer and there are good chances that you will find your email in the junk folder or even worse, unsubscribed. Using creative campaigns, images, text and colors, you can keep the user interested even if they have no intention of purchasing.
  • Less Promotion – A lot of companies end up making this mistake, they focus on simply bombarding the users with promotional e-mailers. A couple of promotional e-mailers in a month are okay, but anything more than that is bound to irritate your viewers and chances are you will end up losing them. Try to keep the promotional e-mailers to a limited number.
  • Focus on Engagement – Instead of focusing on promotional e-mailers, engagement emails are more effective. Something like welcome emails or a story about the company, or customer testimonials, etc. can interest the user enough to even open the email. It is important to not forget the subject lines, which play a very important role when it comes to e-mailers.
  • Personalize – Everyone wants to feel special and users who are getting random company e-mailers are no exception. Sending the same standard email over and over again that is impersonal can get the user irritated. However, a personalized email that they feel like has been designed just for them can definitely interest them into clicking on the email. Personalization is the key! Personalized coupons or sales or even discounts can help you get your foot in the door.

Now that you have these important pointers in mind, here is a list of creative e-mail marketing campaigns that you can use to help keep your subscribers engaged, and even drive up sales.

1. Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the first emails that the user receives after they have subscribed to your service or your website. It can also be once the user signs up or makes an account with your website. Since it is the first ever interaction that you will have with your users, it is a good idea to often make these memorable. A creative and quirky welcome email helps the user better understand your brand. This is also a great way to actually let the users know what you want to tell them about your brand including your story, what you sell, and where they can find you. You can also use this opportunity to provide them with a coupon to ensure that they end up actually making a purchase rather than just leave your email in their inbox.

2. Company Stories/Customer Stories

Another great type of emailer to send includes company stories or customer stories. If you’ve got a lot of interesting company stories about how you got started or the struggles that you faced or even if there is some special cause that your company stands for, this is a great email to tell your users. If you don’t have a great company story, but you have some amazing testimonials from your customers, then this is also a great alternative to send. This helps your users know how much your customers trust your brand and your product. Try to add visuals to such emails since the response for visuals are commonly higher than text.

3. Seasonal Campaign

In addition to promotional campaigns, seasonal campaigns are often the best! Send these out on major holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even on less popular holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The best strategy to follow for these is to build up to the event and even a follow-up to extend the holiday sales can be helpful. Sales during this time are often at an all-time high, so sending out seasonal campaigns can definitely boost sales.

4. Connect-via-Social Media Campaign

These email campaigns crosses from email to social media and back to email again. The objective of this campaign is to get people to engage in your newsfeed using social media campaigns such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can ask your users to share images of your products or even different tasks they’ve completed with your product on social media platforms and get them to tag your specific hashtag. You can even turn it into a giveaway or a competition to get more users to participate.

5. Newsletter

This is a standard type of email, but you can definitely get creative with this. Newsletters offer a lot of room for creativity and you can add a lot of different aspects to your newsletter, depending on the type of promotion you are looking for. You can add clickables, games, information, company news, promotional content, coupons, etc. The opportunities are endless for anyone who is looking to engage users. Try and do something creative and different, use a lot of images and colorful text to make the content catchy.

6. The Abandoned Cart Campaign

This is a really great way to gently nudge customers to complete their shopping with you. In case a customer has added items to their cart and abandoned them without making a purchase, then you can simply set a trigger to send an email to the user, subtly reminding them that they’ve never completed their purchase and then can continue to finish it. Many times, carts are abandoned because of lack of time or information and not because of intent. It can also be that the user simply forgot to finish and got distracted. This can help you bring the customer back and finish the sale.

7. The Re-Engagement Campaign

This is a series of emails you can send to inactive users that no longer visit your website. This is a great email to get users to come back in case they have forgotten about you. The objective of these emails is often to bring these subscribers back to your website, or determine if they can never be re-engaged and to remove them from your subscriber’s list. These are effective and can actually bring back a good amount of subscribers.

E-mailers are a great way to get some engagement from your users, adding polls or feedback to any of your campaigns can also help you get some feedback from your customers. These different and innovative emails can help you keep your customers interested in what you have to say and also boost your sales.