[box type=”info” width=”100%”] EDMdesigner is an easy to use drag and drop editor which helps you build responsive email templates in minutes. No more HTML coding and tiresome email testing. EDMdesigner solves these for you automatically. Will be available for integration and as a standalone editor soon!

You have to admit, opening an email on mobile that isn’t responsive can really be painful, and while I wouldn’t go as far as unsubscribing from the list – I would definitely move on from that email and read it later on my laptop. The problem is that I often forget to remember about that email…This is where EDMdesigner comes into play, to let you create responsive email designs that will solve that very problem, among other ones.

I’ve quickly snooped around this Hungarian startup, and it looks very promising to say the least. The plan is to also have a desktop application developed in the future for creating those responsive email templates, which I think could really leverage them some share in the market.

To some, HTML is like ancient art of magic – they won’t and never will understand it. EDMdesigner will completely remove the need for creating code with their drag and drop interface.


One of the last blog posts on EDM talks about 90% of web, mobile and desktop email clients supporting the templates created by the EDMdesigner template tool, that’s a pretty solid ratio, and I’m sure it will be possible to improve upon it once there is more demand and resources available.

The video you can watch above mentions that it’s going to be extremely easy to integrate with professional email marketing tools like MailChimp for example. I can see these guys taking off in the future – with the right people and energy it’s definitely possible.

I’ve reached out to the team behind this startup, so maybe they’ll share some scoop with me in the reply!