With every sphere linked to technology emerging by the day, time is ripe for the gaming industry to witness a host of changes in the future. With every passing year, a new game attracts the attention of gamers to engage them with loads of fun. Becoming as a favorite pastime for mobile gamers as well, here are the future trends in the gaming industry that will make their strong presence felt in the coming years.

1. The Promise Delivered by Augmented Reality

You must have witnessed the revolution caused by “Pokémon Go”, as an augmented reality game that prompted gamers to step out of their homes in search of accumulating Pokémons. This game has led to the phenomenon when AR games will be assessed on the parameters which either differ or are similar to the traits of Pokémon Go, instead of looking into the positives of the game in question.

However, there is good news waiting for you. You will notice the emergence of two streams of modern games. While one is about “gaming for self-improvement”, the other is concerned about “gamified self-improvement”. The first section is all about games that hone your memory skills and the second category includes gaming competitions that can be represented on learning platforms like FitBit. Predictions concerning AR focus on bridging the gap between these two game streams.

2. Games Revolving Around Virtual Reality Will Take A Beating

The captivating concept of virtual reality in games has been in vogue for the last 3 decades. In line with this technological advancement concerning virtual reality, you already have different VR-powered headsets teamed with full-body sporting accessories that are making waves in the gaming markets. With a VR-enabled headset, you will be rotating your head in all directions to pick up objects of the game with your hands. Allowing you to explore the gaming universe through bodily movements, it comes as a clumsy option to keep sporting these gadgets to enjoy gaming experiences. That means, VR will lose its attraction, not adding to the excitement quotient of habitual gamers.

3. A Strong Retort to VR Powered Games

Since the paraphernalia required for you to enjoy VR games is cumbersome, this inconvenience is keeping away gamers from checking out VR games. As a strong retort to this issue, Google Cardboard has come up with an alternative which demands the exclusive use of a smartphone. This way, you can keep yourself away from the clumsiness of VR gadgets allowing you to extract the much-awaited excitement of VR games. Facebook which acquired Oculus Rift is standing in tough competition with PlayStation and HTC Vive, meeting the high-end demands of gamers.

4. A Family That Plays Together Stays Together – The New Age Mantra of Togetherness

Gone are the days when an ardent lonely gamer used to get holed up in a basement to live his passion for games. Now is the age of technological gaming inventions which have churned out an entire array of games means for different age groups. Imagine a gamer who chose to play the very first version of the Street Fighter game way back in the 1980s. That was an era where a serious divide between the gamer and his family existed. But with time, technology has come of age, promoting families to enjoy the numerous options coming in the form of video games. Parents now derive a lot of pleasure in picking up a joystick and participating in the game played by their kids.

Kids now have a personalized access to computers which come in as instruments for video games.

5. The Vast Scope of Gaming Backdrops And Its Ripples

If you look at the current assembly of video games, you will agree with the fact that there are umpteen backdrops of games that can be enjoyed by gamers. However, this throws up a challenge where players will find it difficult to lay hands on games with good content. This will lead to a situation when many of the game developers will become unknown to players. Although there is huge promise for games coming in the form of free tools like Gamemaker and Unity, it will be a difficult task to find games with exciting content. The solution to this issue will be exciting for the developer to come up with a value-addition so that gamers will be spoilt for choice as to which game to pick and play.

6. The Stakes Are High For Game Developers

Game developers are in for a state of two major risks, a) the gradual burnout b) talent drain. Given the restricted freedom of game developers to work around a mandatory development process, it is time that they get sick and tired of repeating the same tricks over and over again. As the developers age, their interest in gaming technology also wanes.

The second risk that the gaming industry is poised for is to do with talent drain. There will come a time when game developers will bid adieu to their niche and will check out other employment options. Both these risks are the after effects of well-established software companies hiring gaming developers who are between the ages of 20s and 30s. They hire talented engineers in this age group, extract the best out of them until they burnout, eventually paving the way for them to leave the gaming technology industry for good.

7. Game Developers Will Start Their Own Small Gaming Hubs

With the significant drop in the prices of game development tools, all the gaming talent that has left the development industry for good will look out for better revenue-generating avenues. Gaming developers will turn into entrepreneurs, setting up their own gaming hubs. Such hubs will make their strong presence felt across global cities. This is a prediction that gains strength from the fact that game developers are looking to enjoy financial security if at all their games fail in the market.

8. It Takes All Sorts of Gamers to Make Up the Gaming Universe

With youngsters getting hooked to video games at an early age, it is a favorable scenario for game developers to create a community of engaging gamers. This is a hack to ensure the success of a game in question. The future of gaming developers lies in being mindful of how gamers react so that they can address any issues that might dampen the excitement quotient of their game. Feedback is an important parameter for the success of a game which calls for developers to be watchful about why players make a certain move rather than pondering about the moves that they actually make.

9. Market Evolutions Demonstrate A Downslide of ESports Wave

You must be aware of the fact that Esports was ruling the gaming territory for the last 5 years from now. However, this trend is predicted to witness a downslide fueled by market changes. According to gaming industry experts, it is time that certain well-established sports teams will eye the purchase of the Esports division along with the growth in sponsorship deals. An additional trend is that game publishers will start getting serious of the gaming elements that should be developed.

Once importance is given to the parameters that support the game to be streamed, gamers will find it more exciting to watch the game than to actually play it. This is the prediction about publishers that will mark a paradigm shift in the gaming industry in the upcoming years.

10. Advancements in Multiplayer Games

Cooperation and competition are the two characteristics that are primal to multi player games. While a game can deal with equally powerful soldiers, another game depicts the competitive nature between the gaming characters. Time is now ripe for multiplayer games offering different roles to different players in line with the innate skills of characters. The future is set for you to pick the most befitting role that you want to play as part of the game; whether you are the hero,or the burglar.

11. Scope for Procedural Narratives

Gone are the times when you played games which operated through pre-programmed game narratives. That means every time you start playing a particular game, you will witness the similar game layout along with a series of twists and turns that were played by you earlier. This phenomenon will lead to boredom when you as a gamer may find it monotonous to watch the same background and features of characters.

Now with modern computers adorning the study rooms of teenage kids, game consoles are in for a makeover. The stage is set for variations coming in the form of different locations, characters, backgrounds and assets popping up as part of meeting certain preset rules. That means all these procedural narratives are not plotted in advance, paving the way for less predictable gameplays. This is a welcome change that will allow gamers to enjoy a different storyline every time they choose to sit in front of the gaming console.

12. The Contrasting States of Constant Change and Status Quo

Another prediction regarding the changes that the gaming industry is susceptible to, in the coming years demonstrates a mixed path. While some industry experts opine that the gaming industry is in for a major overhaul, contrasting opinions come in the form of a status quo situation. With rich and long-form gaming experiences continuing to make their presence felt in the gaming arena, experts feel that the PCs will be the undisputed gaming instruments. They will dominate the gaming scene, with a stronger force than their current versions.

The living rooms of your homes will no longer be the same with smart TVs airing TV shows and movies that can be viewed on Netflix. The stage is also set for new games that will excite new categories of players so that they can make the most of the excitement offered by video games.

Wrapping It Up
With so many predictions surrounding the entertaining world of video games, gamers can look forward to a host of changes that will help them rejoice in their imaginary world of addictive games. Given the rapid changes that this entertaining section is poised to witness, it pays off every gamer to indulge in stuff that entertains him the most; at all times.