Google Algorithm Updates are more in the limelight of the conversations, especially for the SEO terminologies. The Google updates are the central ideas and the entire SEO and search trends revolve around it, and it will not be wrong if one state, Google algorithm as the Sun of SEO system.

Now, what are the new trends and expected updates one can suppose to head in 2018? Let’s discuss each point meticulously!

Ins and Outs of Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

Google update and their preparations for fake news:

Fake news is harming Google’s image for the last decades and cutting far deeper than content spamming and content farms, still there are no such action takes place against this violation. But according to new updates, Google is not going to bare this lose anymore. According to Google’s Knowledge-Based Trust papers, it’s a new approach to evaluate the actual quality of web pages and content based on their accuracy rather than the number of inbound links. In case if Google will follow this approach, then, it can be a good news for those who are fed up from fake data crawling on Google searches and a bad one for others. It is because, the update will ultimately demote sites, which are repeatedly published fake news.


It’s quite dicey to confirm any specific update yet, but it’s clear that Google is quite into making truthfulness of a ranking factor and the Knowledge-Based Trust is one of the best of its kind.

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Artificial intelligence – AI to features more aspects of search:

Google’s has its machine-learning artificial intelligence-AI system, which helps to process its search results. AI is one solution, which holds the capacity to resolve 60% vulnerability to search results. It is all because these AI programs are written and run by machines that are quite versatile and dynamic with the results. They also have a tendency to confuse correlation with causation; which clutch a great value for coherence results and one can call them superstitious. Its superstitious nature and behavior draw connections between unrelated things and present us with actual information. The beauty of these programs is that these are very difficult to decrypt and predict as they are machine learning algorithms.

Google can continue with AI because of its secure and unpredictable nature, which help searches to hold accuracy and factual results only. In other words, the AI algorithm is an exact solution for long-term SEO strategies because it’s auto updated.

Obstruction of guest posting is likely to hit soon:

Guest posting is in great trend and due to that everyone is using guest posting for link building and not for sharing content or any valuable data. Due to, which in future Google can ban or restrict some areas in guest posting, it is all because of over use for branding and referral traffic. The future predictions include a huge number of circumstances and guidelines in this area and violation of such guidelines can cause penalties.

This is already a well known term in SEO and according to Google’s announcements, the update will target manipulative links and postings on the horizons. This update is a result of promotional data and links, which are worthless and unable, that fulfill user’s search results.

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Mobile phone indexing:

Mobile phone indexing

Due to the increase in mobile usage and hike in mobile internet searches, Google is shifting its indexing and response level for Mobile Phone Indexing too. Now might be with new updates, Google will show their listings based on mobile based searches and content indexing.

Conclusively, the sites fail to work on mobile devices and in technical language, are not mobile responsive, it will soon become obsolete or will be penalized in the Google ranking.

Let’s be prepared for these updates:
Since Google’s first hit was in the 1990s, it has changed a lot and all in progressive ways to improve user search results and reliability of data. Irrefutably, after many decades, Google is one of the most trafficked search engines. But, this year will be distinguished one from others in case of updates and changes, and of course for the betterment of users only. All these AI updates, Link building, changes for Guest postings and bans on advertisements will surely going to be a hit soon, so be prepared!