When you want to scale up your business, you need to do a full assessment of your company, figure out how you can grow your business, and use tips that are proven to work. You need to focus on how you can grow your company digitally and in the real world. Plus, you should work with companies that will give you support or provide you with the products that you think would be best for your company.

Focus On Local Partners

Your mobile app-based company has a local audience in most cases. You have businesses in the area that you might like to work with, and you need to meet these people in-person. You can create a simple business card that will give new customers all your information, and you can tack these business cards in hotspots around the area.

Focusing on local customers ensures that you have people who use your app because it is based on their area. You might be very proud of your community, and you can build quite a lot of goodwill if you are focused on your local community. Plus, you might offer B2B services to local businesses that would prefer to work with someone they can get to know.

Use Digital Ads

Your company might have performed well because of an initial wave of good buzz or press, but you need to step up your digital ads to reach more customers. A company that has about 1000 paying customers a month might survive, but you need to raise that customer rate to 20,000, 30,000, and more. You can expand your range of ads the more that you expand your customer base.

You can scale up your business with digital ads that will reach out to certain demographics. When you are marketing to the right people, you will have more traffic on your app. Plus, you will start to sell more because your app is present on more devices. If you have not advertised yourself digitally, you will miss out on the random customers you get who see your ads in an online search engine.

Use Social Media

Social Profile

You should start using social media to promote your brand and humanize your company. When people are using an app to shop with your company, they might forget that there are real people behind your app. Because of this, you need to use social media where you can post messages that might go viral, create videos that look like commercials, and even hire influencers who will advertise on behalf of your brand.

If you hire someone to run your social media pages, you can gain a lot of traction with young people who consume your viral content. Adding a bit of humor to your business’ image will grow your sales. Some people will shop with you just because they like your brand. This is true even if the customers had not heard of you before they saw one of your viral posts.

Grow Your Mobile App

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You might think that your app is working perfectly when you have enough customers to survive. However, your app needs to grow if you want to increase your sales every month. You cannot go from 10,000 to 100,000 customers if you have not changed your adjusted your app. You might add new tabs to the app that give customers more options. You could app a contact section to your app, or you could create a place where customers can get directions to your location.

You also need to change the design of your app every now and then to ensure that your customers do not get bored. Plus, you should update your app regularly so that people will not think your app has been abandoned. Apps that are updated routinely give customers new tools that they will be thankful to have. Ensure that you have noted what the improvements are after the app updates.


When you are ready to scale up your business, you need to interact with people in your community. You need local customers who will drive your business. You can change and grow your app, and you can use social media to advertise. Plus, you should use targeted digital ads to make sure that new customers can find you through simple online searches.