Busy routines, restricted salaries, lack of time, and demand for new skill sets with every moving year are definitely the hurdles faced by people in this generation. We need to progress and stay informed about every new happening in business and technology, that’s where online programs are making life much easier when it comes to learning new courses. In recent studies of 2014, 5.8 million students enrolled in at least one online course with an increase of 57,000 students every year.

MeritCampus aims to bring change in the life of every student, professional and job seekers who are looking to learn Java and enhance their knowledge for career progression. With increasing demand for Java training courses, MeritCampus’ online approach ensures to help you learn from the comfort of your home.

With more and more traditional Java coaching centres going online, this is how MeritCampus is doing it differently:

software developer working on computer

Smiling young software developer working on computer

1. Interactive online classes and vis-a-vis conversation with professional tutors help learners understand the most difficult concepts, with ease. Each batch size is kept small, between 3-5 students, helping tutors individually focus on everyone.

2. MeritCampus provides progress reports for every student as they take up new Java learning courses. They track the time taken by students to complete each practice tests and provide them personal guidance to improve skills accordingly.
3. The usual problem with every self-paced online course is discipline. At MeritCampus, we connect you with our expert tutors for real-time learning. This resolves the biggest problem of every other online programme courses, leaving one with no option to postpone the schedule to learn and keeping oneself more focused.
4. The Java courses offered at MeritCampus are very cost effective when compared to any other institutions who provide traditional or online courses. These courses are usually priced close to 400 USD but at MeritCampus the same is offered to you at 70% less price, example Core Java Course is offered at only 109 USD. Similarly, with the latest introduction of Android courses, MeritCampus charges only 67 USD compared to other institutions who charge a minimum of 180 USD.

5. At MeritCampus, they have a practical approach to every problem. The platform is not only for learners to take the reference to ‘Knowledge Base Courses’ but Java compilers and practice tests help any learner retain these skills for a longer time period.

With the increase in a number of successful learners every month, MeritCampus is planning to introduce more advanced courses for Java and beginner courses for Android in coming months. The unique proposition of practical approach towards these programming languages is what make MeritCampus different than any other online course programmes.

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