Your content marketing strategy shows how you reach your audience. Wouldn’t it be great to start your content marketing strategy knowing it will work as you intended?

Many businesses don’t know where to start. Any content strategy boils down to decisions in three specific areas which are:- 

Who, What, and How? 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What content to produce? 
  • How unique is your brand and how often to post? 

What is content strategy? And why is it important?

Content Marketing strategy is an opportunity for businesses to boost their results. By delivering valuable and relevant content to users, businesses can improve their search results, build a community and grow the conversation rate for the brand. 

Content marketing is important as,

– Your audience will trust you- 

If you publish good quality content, your audience will trust you and can even become your potential customer. 

– You’ll generate more leads-

If your audience trusts you there will be a chance for them to buy your product which eventually will generate leads.  

– Your audience will have better traction on social media-

Your social media pages will grow if the content you are posting is of good quality. 

– Your business will be visible- 

The sale is increased only when there is traffic on your website and that happens when the right strategies are applied for publishing great content and executed well.  

– Great content will build brand awareness-

The increased sales will help build brand awareness. All you need to do is Strategise, Strategise & Strategise the right content.  

You now know why a content marketing strategy is important, but you might still not know where to start from. Don’t worry! We have created a step-by-step guide that you can follow for your own business. 

1. Identify the “Why” of your business 

The very first step of creating a content strategy is to know your “Why”. You must set your goals before planning a content strategy, know the purpose, and your intentions need to be addressed. Ask yourself questions like 

Q1: How big is the need? 

Q2: What can be the outcome through this process? 

Q3: Will our purpose get fulfilled? 

Benefits and risks 

The benefits of content marketing are not immediate. But eventually, it helps to build awareness, trust, and loyalty. The risk that a business can face at the start is to find new & innovative content ideas. Plus it can be time-consuming to reach your goals & a lot of resources can be consumed.

2. Determine “Who” is your target audience 

As a marketer, understanding your target audience is crucial. This will help you define and execute your content strategy effectively. Understanding your target audience allows you to build good relationships and better communicate with your consumers. You can promote creatives on different channels that are understood to specific personas. This can coincide with the interests and values of the most likely to purchase your product. 

3. Find out “How”  your brand is different 

Every brand is unique in its own way. Figure out how your brand is different and accomplish your content’s mission. Pinpointing your brand’s story can help your brand grow in many ways. The story should include details like vision, mission,  content’s value, the audience it will serve, and principles it will uphold. For that, the business needs to have a strategic foundation as it helps to unite the goals. This also puts initiatives to higher focus on the business model. And trust us on this, considering these components can help your content marketing program to be positioned for success.

4. Maintain a Planner & schedule things accordingly 

Consistency is the key. You have to be consistent while posting or promoting anything on any channel. This will help your audience know that your brand is trustworthy. Try to maintain a planner. Include everything on the planner, mention key points like what content will be published, on which day it will be posted, on which channel, and at what time. Try to schedule these things earlier as it saves a lot of time. Being consistent doesn’t mean that you have to publish your content every day. Being active on social media and responding to your audiences immediately is enough. You can also use tools for scheduling your content on social media in advance. 


Take the time and give 100% effort to prepare your content strategy. Consider using our guide as a reference before creating a content strategy. Try publishing it on different channels. There will be a lot of tests and trials. But be perseverant in achieving good results. Content marketing strategy can help your business grow, but only if you make data-based decisions and try to take risks. 

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