Is dressing up every morning becoming more and more of a headache? Do you have so many options to choose from that you change outfits multiple times before you finally leave your bedroom? If you went on a mini-shopping spree after the lockdowns and remote working enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic were lifted, you’re not alone.

In essence, you may now be looking at a wardrobe overflowing with dresses and bottoms, some of which you haven’t worn in ages. Which might suggest it’s time for you to clear the clutter and create a capsule wardrobe. This is a lean collection of outfits that adhere to a signature style that you can see yourself wearing ten years down the line.

 Here are some reasons why you may want to begin working on creating a capsule wardrobe, ASAP.

Benefits of Capsule Wardrobes

How long does it take you to make a decision on what to put on every morning? If you find yourself spending close to an hour unhanging and re-hanging outfits, you could be dealing with decision fatigue. Wouldn’t it be awesome to leave the shower knowing exactly what you’re going to wear?

Some of the world’s greatest innovators and leaders are known for dressing up the same way Monday to Monday. Remember Steve Jobs’ trademark black turtleneck and blue jeans or Dr. Dre’s signature all-black ensemble. You can bet they’re in and out of their wardrobes in minutes.

 If you would like to align yourself with the sustainability cause, your capsule wardrobe can help you do that. A capsule wardrobe will help you create a personal style that fully captures your personality and your aesthetic aspirations. With a set of carefully selected outfits that suit your taste, you will curb the urge to grab new pieces on impulse or be swayed by prevailing trends. 

 How to Create a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe

The first step towards a compact, stylish wardrobe is to have a brainstorming session with yourself, or a style consultant to iron out the vision of your new signature look. 

As you consider various ideas, remember you’re building a collection of outfits that will serve your day-to-day needs for the long haul. You’re looking for a look that will transcend passing fads. So decide on a set of 20-30 pieces that will serve you in the office, on a weekend getaway, and on every other occasion in between.

 After settling on a vision, it’s time to dive into your wardrobe and sift through what it currently holds. Get rid of anything that won’t fit into the vision you have for your capsule wardrobe. This will include those gorgeous pants you’ve never found an occasion to wear or those tops that are now a size too small. You can sell those in good condition to fund your wardrobe overhaul.

Stick to the Basics

Develop a set of basics that are simple yet flexible enough to be used on multiple occasions. A gray oversized knit pullover can serve you on a brunch with the girls and still keep you cozy when you decide to enjoy some me-time indoors.

You can have a go-to shirt dress for beachside outings or shopping runs for the warmer time of the year. A pair of blue denims and a white tee will always come in handy when you need to throw on something quickly and get out of the house.

You can add some spice to your basics by pairing them with well-selected accessories. Use the same principles of sustainability and simplicity when shopping for your accessories. Shop for jewelry and glasses frames online that will go with more than one of the outfits in your capsule wardrobe.

 Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

A capsule wardrobe simplifies your life and filters out excesses in your closet, leaving you with only what you find stylish and functional. But the aim is not to take all the fun out of dressing. You don’t have to be as rigid in your dressing as those global icons who are only ever seen in specific outfits or specific color combinations.

You can pick an outfit that breaks away from the template set for your capsule wardrobe every once in a while. If you have the wedding of a cherished sibling coming up, you can trade your sustainability ethos for a little indulgence in the current fashion trends. If you have tasted the benefits of a lean closet, you’re sure not to get carried away.

The Long Game

Having a timeless capsule wardrobe allows you to build a set of staples that will serve you years down the line. Therefore, you can invest in high-quality designer pieces, knowing you won’t have to do so again in the next five to 10 years. This beats having a wardrobe full of fairly-priced pieces, half of which you never wear.