What’s as important as posting high-quality content on Instagram? Finding the right audience to get your content in front of! Without the right people to view your content, your page will grow stagnant, and you can start to feel like your efforts are wasted. If you want to improve your Instagram page, the first thing to do is figure out who you’re posting for. 

Finding the right target audience involves a bit of research and some fine-tuning of your niche and content, but it’s certainly not impossible! Follow this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect audience so your content makes an impact every time you post. 

Find Your Niche 

First and foremost, you’ve got to figure out a niche that works for you and stick to it. You’ll want to be an authority in that particular area, so choose carefully.  Figure out what you’re good at, what kind of content you love to create, and where your skills can be applied for the greatest return. A jack of all trades becomes the master of none, so don’t waste time trying to be a hundred things at once. Find your focus, dial in on it, and make it the best you possibly can. 

There are literally thousands of niches to choose from. Just about any interest you can think of has an Instagram page and an audience to go with it. Love DnD? Become a DnD content creator. Love beauty or fashion? Become a tutorial creator. Enjoy food? Food pages are quite popular. If traveling is your passion, you’ll be entering one of the hottest Instagram trends of last year. In fact, people are starting to use Instagram to plan entire vacations! 

Like anything else in life, finding your target audience requires a good focus on your skills, and some self-drive to make it happen. If at first, you’re struggling to identify where your skills are, don’t worry; it will come to you. Focus 0n the things you love and how you can apply them to your skillset, or how you can create valuable content from those things. 

Improve Those Hashtags 

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If your hashtags are terrible, people aren’t going to find your content. You won’t attract the right audience to your page, and you’ll probably just end up at the bottom of the search query anyway. Hashtags should be niche-specific, creative, and short and sweet. Try using less than ten hashtags per post, and be sure that you’re using the right hashtags for your industry or niche. 

You can even take a look at what’s trending in your niche to see what people are searching for. With Instagram for Business, you can even use the analytics tools to see which hashtags are performing well for your content and which ones aren’t doing anything for you. This is invaluable information, as you can then shift your focus to the hashtags that actually work instead of wasting time and valuable space on bad hashtags. 

The best influencers on the platform have their hashtag game down to a tee. Hashtags make it easier to share your content on other social media outlets as well, so they’re nothing less than a requirement for finding the right audience and maximizing your page’s reach. 

Buy Targeted Followers 

There seems to be a negative connotation with services that allow you to buy Instagram followers, but that’s only because of the several scam services over the years who have tainted the business. Yes, there are services that sell bot or fake accounts, but no, they aren’t the only ones on the market. There are services that offer 100% real and active targeted followers who will enjoy your content. Don’t think of it as buying followers, but more like paying a referral service to send you page details to the right people. 

You can buy followers to quickly boost your page and get your content in front of the right people. This ensures that you’re finding the right followers who will actually be interested in and interact with your page. Organic growth is slow and arduous, and even with all the right steps, sometimes you still don’t reach the proper audience. Buying targeted followers makes the process much more simple and straightforward. 

Be wary of the company you use to buy Instagram followers. Choose high-quality services like ViralRace for the best results, and to prevent your account from being flagged or even penalized for using fake accounts. 

Do Your Research 


Another way to reach your perfect audience is to research where they congregate, how old they are, and what kind of content they enjoy. There are hundreds of demographics pages that can tell you exactly who your audience is and other information like age, location, and race/gender. Knowing this information will give you the upper hand when you create your content because you’ll know exactly who’s going to enjoy it. 

Pay attention to the big names in your niche as well. What do their audiences look like? While you obviously don’t want to plagiarize material, you can still borrow some of their techniques for reaching new followers and apply them to your page. After all, those big boys in the industry got there somehow, and their audience is loyal and engaged. Pay attention to what they’re doing up there at the top! 

The Bottom Line 

Growing your page isn’t going to happen just like that. You need to figure out exactly who you want to see your content first, and then apply what you’ve learned from your research on the competition and your target audience to your content. Don’t forget that the correct hashtags are just as important as the overall quality of the content you’re posting. Without them, your audience won’t be able to find you, and you’re posting for yourself. 

If you need a boost, try buying targeted followers from a trusted source, and don’t forget to spend the time dialing in your niche. Once you’ve found it, you can work on improving your skills and content within that industry to become an authority your audience trusts.