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If you really want use black hat SEO techniques, then there is nothing much we can help you with. Black hat methods still work fine but at the same time, they are risky and they will come with the potential of taking your site down one day. You may ask that if the black hat methods are that risky then why do people even use them in the first place?

The reason being, everyone wants to rank and the regular White Hat Methods that all know about does not perform all the time. Obviously, they do perform in certain scenarios but the ratio is getting smaller and smaller. This is why the webmasters are now focusing more on risky methods such as setting up PBNs, working with expired domains, etc.

What if we tell you that it is still possible to rank with your website even if you do not use any of the black hat methods? How can you make that happen? You have to understand the basics first before we get into any detail.
Google Search
You see, Google only ranks websites that they think are valuable and unique to their readers. As the days go by, Google will keep on changing and you will see new updates coming which are bashing black hat methods and appreciating good content and quality SEO on your website. Therefore, you now have to focus on methods that are not widely used. Why is that so? That’s because Google will target those methods that are wildly used when they come up with a new update. Let’s, use an example to make things even clearer.

Everyone on the SEO industry know that web 2.0 is a good method to get backlinks for your website. Now, Google also knows that and therefore, when they will roll the next update, they might make sure that any backlinks that you have received from Web 2.0 are worthless. Yes, that can happen and there is a very strong chance that it will happen.

Now, how can you make sure that you will stay alive even when the next Google update is here? The answer is simple. You have to use the strategies that Google will not target. What does that mean? That means that you will have to stay away from things that are common and done by all SEO marketers under the sun.
Search Engine Optimization
This article is all about those weird strategies that you can use. Now, please understand that after we say the strategies here in this blog, they won’t be as meaningful as before because a lot of people will start using them. They will give you a head start may be, but at the end of the day, you have to make sure that you are inventing something on your own to stay ahead. The main SEO strategy on one line will be figuring out something new to receive backlinks. That is all about it.

Now, after reading this long intro without even one strategy, you probably understood what we want to you know. Now, it is time to actually look at some of the weird strategies that you can perform for your blog. Let’s start.

Scholarcall SEO Strategy

Developed by Passive Journal, Scholarcall SEO Strategy is a really interesting method. This method works in a few steps. Step 1 will be announcing that you will give a scholarship to the traffic of your website. So if you run a law blog for example, you can award 3 scholarships of $1000 per year to law students.
Step two is then to promote that scholarship page. Promote it with all the efforts that you can. Simply start by mailing to all the websites out there that list scholarships. It can be university websites, it can be the websites that deal with students and have a scholarship page of them and it can literally be anything.

After you start sending emails, you will soon start getting responses. Never think that you will send two emails and people will jump to give you backlinks. It never works like that. You have to be patient and you have to keep on sending more and more emails before you start to see any response.

In general, people who send around 1000 emails get 100 backlinks on average so the rate of success is near to 10% which is still pretty low but it could be lower, right? This is a weird method and this is the right time to go for it.

Fixing Strategy

Try to find out the problems of a website. Then simply contact the owner of the website and talk to him or her about the problem that you found. After you help in solving that problem, simply tell them that you have a site on the same niche or similar niche and you would love to take a backlink by providing a guest post or something similar if there is an option.

In almost all the cases, the web owner will be happy to offer you a backlink because you actually helped him in making something better. That is a huge thing. This is a tough strategy and it will require you time and effort but the end result is brilliant.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing
The best method to reach out and get a backlink is via relationship building and relationship marketing. There is nothing better than this method and there will never be a better one for sure. Relationship marketing is all about building a quality relationship with people that operate on your similar industry. Talk to them, give them interviews, take their interviews and publish on your website, be clever, try to reach to their audience, help them in reaching out to your audience and create a culture of friendship. If you can make that happen, getting links will not take even two minutes.

If you can apply the true relationship marketing skills in your SEO campaign, you will not have to even ask for a backlink as they will all come naturally to your blog. Yes, it is that powerful.

Therefore, invest your time in quality link building and SEO techniques. Those days are about to end when you used to get one trillion backlinks and get your website ranked. This is a quality game now.