I work from home, and I completely understand what it means to keep clean hygiene and working standards at your desk. It takes some time to discipline yourself, and teach yourself that the specific are you’ve assigned yourself to, is only for doing work and nothing else than work. It’s difficult. It can get really unhealthy, too.

400,000 people in the United Kingdom believe that their health has been affected due to stress at their workplace. We have to take better care of ourselves. Working in an unhealthy environment every day can lead to disorders and traumatic illnesses that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

This infographic from Ciphr will show you some study data and also help you understand how to keep your work desk clean and healthy, how to organize your office space so that everyone can benefit and have a different experience when working.

Just by adding a couple of plants to the office rooms you can reduce the dust levels by up to 20%! Take a look at this infographic and then go to show it to your boss and tell him that changes are to be made around the office. I hope you’ll be able to have a much more pleasant experience after adjusting to some of these tips. :)

How-To Keep Healthy While at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]