There are a lot of people who somehow want to spy on cell phones for legal purposes. Most of you would be thinking right now that how spying on any cell phone can be practiced for good use. Well, if you are a parent and you want to monitor your children’s activities by spying on his/her cell phone then this spying would come in legal means. There are also many companies that monitor their employee’s phone activities to keep an eye on them in all manners to avoid any loss. So, spying on a cell phone can be done in legal ways as well.

If we talk about that is this possible to spy on a cell phone without getting caught or detected? then the answer is Yes. You can spy on any phone device using spying services so the phone owner would not be able to detect you.

There are many phone spying companies that are working in the market to provide you the best phone spying services. Competition between these companies is very high so you would have to figure out carefully that which spying service you should subscribe to. Choosing a reliable and safe phone monitoring service is very important for you to avoid any data loss or money loss.

Let’s find out which spying service would be best for you in terms of cost and quality.

Cocospy – Professional Spying App

Cocospy is a very professional and reliable phone surveillance company that would help you out in spying on any cell phone device according to your requirements. This phone monitoring solution is very easy and safe to use. 

Cocospy- world first cell phone spy

Another amazing thing about Cocospy is that it doesn’t ask users to perform any rooting or jailbreaking in order to spy on any target device. Cocospy believes in safety, stability, and reliability so with Cocospy you don’t have to practice such activities that could harm your phone device.

Using Cocospy, you can also spy on a cell phone without installing software but we would discuss this after looking at the features of the Cocospy spying solution.

Features of Cocospy Phone Monitoring Solution

Cocospy aims to provide both quality and quantity, unlike some companies that prefer quantity over quality in order to generate extra revenue. This phone monitoring solution is offering a wide range of spying features that meet all of the spying requirements of the customers.

Let’s find out what type of features Cocospy is offering us to spy on any cell phone device without getting detected.

Track Calls

Cocospy is offering a call tracking feature that allows you to view the record of each call either incoming or outgoing. You can also view the time duration of calls along with timestamps. Support for viewing most engaged contacts is provided as well.

Track Text Messages

With a Cocospy phone monitoring solution, you can track all of the text messages of that target device you want to spy on. You can read received messages, sent messages, and deleted messages as well. Also, you can browse MMS content as well.

Track Location

Cocospy phone surveillance company has made phone location tracking easy and smart like never before. Track device locations on the basis of WiFi or GPS. Also, Keep an eye on entry and exit location timing along with the support of reading geographical coordinates.

Monitor Third-party Apps

Using this reliable service, users can monitor almost any third party application and it’s data. Like Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other applications can be monitored by using Cocospy’s monitoring service.

Not only these, but there are many other spying features as well that can help you in spying according to your preferences. Remember that you would not have to Root or Jailbreak phone device for using these phone spying features.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software?

Can we spy on any phone device without installing any software on it? This is the most commonly asked question by customers and as a customer, it’s your right to ask this question.

Let’s start about the iPhone, we all know that the iPhone is way better than Android when it comes to security. You would be surprised to know that Yes, you can spy on an iPhone device without installing any software. All you need is the credentials of the iCloud account that is currently logged on that iPhone you want to spy on.

If we talk about Android, the answer is No. You can’t spy on an Android phone device without installing any software because at least for once you would have to install the Cocospy app. So, why not check out how can we spy on an iPhone without installing any software.

Spying on an iPhone device without installing software actually works by using a Cocospy phone monitoring solution. Let’s follow some simple steps to get know-how Cocospy iOS solution works.

Step 1 

Open up your web browser and visit Cocospy official website. Click on the Sign Up Now button to start the Cocospy account creation process. Enter your email and password to proceed further

Cocospy sign-up

Step 2 

Now, enter the credentials of an iCloud account that is signed on that iPhone device you want to spy on.

icloud id verification

Step 3

After entering the iCloud account details, you would be able to complete the whole account creation setup.

Step 4

Open up your web browser on a PC or any device, visit the Cocospy website and log in your newly created account. Congratulations, now you would be able to spy on that target iPhone device right from your Cocospy account dashboard screen.

Cocospy dashboard

If you want to try the Cocospy Monitoring solution before subscribing, you can check out its demo version by clicking on the Demo option on Cococspy’s official website.


In this article, we got to know that spying on a cellphone without installing software is possible but only for iOS devices not for Android. For Android, you would have to install the app at least one time so you can configure your Cocospy’s account in the device. As an overall summary, we can summarize that this is the best phone spying service in the market with respect to cost and quality.