Managing vacation rental properties is a very lucrative business – especially when it’s properly done. However, just like every other business, it requires that you put in the work. Thankfully, technological solutions such as a vacation rental management software have made it easy for property owners and managers. You can easily run and monitor your rental property remotely and on your phone.

But, how exactly can you streamline your rental management process? 

Let’s explore some tips.

Use a Vacation Rental Management Software

This is a valuable tool that can help you run and maintain your vacation rental business more efficiently. Most vacation rental management software come with lots of tech features that help streamline almost every aspect of your business and boost your income. Some of these features are:

  • automated check-in and check-out
  • guest communications
  • employee management
  • channel manager for Airbnb
  • inventory control
  • marketing automation
  • invoicing 
  • multi-currency payment processing, etc.

Automate Bookings and Payment

Automation your bookings and syncing them with your rental management app is a great way to save time and streamline your management process. You can achieve this with a booking widget. Once embedded, you can make your booking process seamless and attract more guests. 

On the other hand, automating your payment system saves you the stress of sharing payment details with each guest. With an auto-pay feature, you can easily automate and accept payment via credit cards. You can also ensure that your guests’ payment information is protected.

Using a rental management software that allows you to integrate and synchronize everything, you can easily manage and monitor every aspect of your business from one platform. 

Use Business Management Tools

These tools exist to make your business management processes simpler. They range from analytics tools to accounting tools and reporting tools. Revenue management and task management will be a breeze with the right business management tool. You can get access to actionable insights that can help increase your income. Also, with the right vacation rental income calculator, you can determine the best rates, discounts, and promotions to offer to your guests. Be sure to choose a vacation rental management software that integrates seamlessly with business management tools such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.

Screen Tenants Before Accommodating Them

With the increasing crime rate, it is always best to screen prospective guests and ensure that they will not pose a threat to your business. The best way to do this is to get a rental management software that lets you check a potential guest’s credit score. This helps you figure out whether they will have a hard time paying rent or not. 

Automate Cleaning and Maintenance

According to iGMS, 44% of rental owners and managers find cleaning and maintenance to be one of the biggest challenges of vacation rental management. Ironically, guests always expect an impressive level of cleanliness. To avoid getting bad reviews from guests, it is best to automate cleaning and maintenance processes. Invest in smart cleaning gadgets such as the automatic robot vacuum, robot window cleaner, and robot mop. Alternatively, you can use Google Calendar to manage your cleaning team. This helps automate reminder messages and calls to your team.

With the help of an effective vacation rental management software, you can multi-task and streamline your management processes to ensure the success of your property business. 

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