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I don’t know why, but ever since I began writing with a real pen, and on real paper – previously I had written a lot of the computer and didn’t bother with pen and paper – I cannot steer myself away from it, it feels more natural and the writing seems to have a lot more meaning. I cannot feel the same connection, when writing a diary on my computer.

It’s not always about writing the diary, though. I’m using my computer to generate content ideas, strategies, lists, etc,. etc,. I could go on for forever, simply because I’m a content marketing specialist – and it’s my job to work with content, all the time.

Wat is IdeaSparked

The connection was there, right on the spot. I really love startups that tackle and take care of a single problem, but do it elegantly and modestly. IdeaSparked enables you to manage all of your ideas, brainstorming and note taking from one single dashboard. Try out the demo.

IdeaSparked - Features

It’s an amazingly good looking platform, built with Laravel and AngularJS. You’re entitled to a free subscription plan, which will allow you to save up-to 25 ideas at any given time, while upgrading to a $9 per month plan will enable to have the freedom of unlimited ideas.

This definitely has got the potential of becoming a tool for business owners, and bloggers to use in their daily lives to keep a track of their creative minds – when it comes to work. I’m hoping someone from IdeaSparked will join us in the comments and perhaps expand upon my own prediction. I’m most curious what the intention is going to be for mobile devices, and will there be a mobile application that makes it even more accessible.