Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes daily tasks easier and reduces the need for manual work. For instance, instead of manually searching for other associated or relevant topics on a search engine, we are able to use the suggestions that are provided by Google Search, Bing, Yahoo and others. The same final result of AI reducing manual labor is seen in the case of business operations as well.

Table of Contents:

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Security Software

  • Office Suites

  • Fintech Software

  • Software Testing and Automation Software

  • Analytics Software

  • CRM Software

  • Camera Applications

  • Music and Video Streaming Applications

  • Conclusion

Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the incorporation of automated systems or digital robots assisted by AI in organizational work or for daily tasks. For instance, AI can be taught to read emails that are being sent to the organization and then categorize or prioritize them. For RPA, AI is even tasked with autonomous data entry. Chatbots are also great examples of AI being used for RPA. Similarly, AI is used across many different types of software for making tasks easier to complete.

Security Software

Government and police surveillance systems have been using AI to identify criminals on the run or wanted individuals for a long time now, but now more advanced AI systems are being put in place that can even decipher suspicious activities and monitor suspects through a network of cameras autonomously. Security Software can even be taught to identify weapons and other dangerous objects. With additional sensors such as thermal detectors and LiDAR, these cameras can even detect fires or measure distances. Even private companies use security software with facial recognition in order to only allow employees with the necessary access rights to enter certain floors or rooms.

Office Suites

Many software that come with Office Suites such as Microsoft Word provides a host of features powered by AI. The automated spell checks, grammar checks and suggestions we are offered are all examples of AI implementations. The later versions of software such as Microsoft Word even provide suggestions that are more meaningful and inclusive. These AI systems can even detect the level of clarity in a sentence or how formal it is. AI also powers multiple features in Microsoft Excel that can be used for visualizing maps and designing charts. It is not just Microsoft, but other online office suite vendors also offer AI-driven features, which help in streamlining mails, making appointments, getting reminders and even writing emails.

Fintech Software

Fintech software and applications use AI in a variety of ways. For example, loan disbursal applications use AI for calculating credit limits while third party loan service providers use AI to automatically analyze your credit history in order to show you the best offers from banks or for credit cards. Fintech companies dealing with insurance and policies also use AI for recommending the most compatible policies according to user requirements.

Software Testing and Automation Software

AI is used in software testing for rapidly speeding up the development process. Development pipelines become easy to handle with the help of Automation and intelligent suggestions, which help optimize the software that is being built. Automation software assisted by AI are also capable of building and testing outputs as soon as different code is contributed to the repositories by multiple developers working in the project. AI is crucial for rapid unit testing and then for analyzing the performance of the final build using certain benchmarks. Algorithms can even help the program to become better by gathering data from testing. AI is able to detect bugs, glitches and errors in the build and can help isolate the exact area where changes need to be made, thus decreasing the need to build the software or program again. AI in automation tools has become incredibly important for CI/CD pipelines. 

Analytics Software

AI is used in Analytics software such as SAS for visually exploring data and for visual data mining. Analytics software with the help of AI can come up with intuitive insights and forecast accurately. Predictive analytics is completely driven by AI and Machine Learning. AI-driven analytics products are capable of spotting patterns, anomalies, trends and generating cognizable information from vast amounts of unstructured data. Advanced products can even use Natural Language Processing for sentiment analytics and Natural Language Generation for producing automated summaries and reports. Advanced text analytics is crucial for businesses to understand customer behavior. Along with Analytics solutions, many companies also use data generation solutions for scraping data off the internet or for generating training data. These software are also powered by AI. 

CRM Software

A lot of Customer Relationship Manager Software come with smart assistants that automate various processes and tasks. For example, these AI systems can generate replies and suggest the best courses of action for the particular customer based on their needs. The AI system can also help personalize content and generate promotional emails in an automated fashion. AI can take care of generating and sending newsletters to subscribers as well. AI-driven CRM assistants can arrange meetings or calls and remind users of the data, time and location for those meetings or calls.

Camera Applications

Camera applications or software use AI for applying filters or for modifying one’s face. For example, AI helps make a face slimmer or the eyes larger. AI can even attach dog ears to one’s head or vastly alter one’s appearance. This is done by learning the dimension of the face and then judging the perfect points to apply the visual effects. 

Music and Video Streaming Applications

Music and Video Streaming applications such as YouTube and Spotify all use AI and Machine Learning to provide users with a more personalized experience. For example, a user’s listening or viewing history is used for deciding upon the general feed that is suggested to the user. Also, when a user is listening to a particular song or genre, similar songs get recommended to the user with the help of predictive AI. AI systems have even gone far enough to play songs according to the mood of the user. 


AI is one of the most powerful tools available to humankind and can be used in a variety of ways. It is responsible for automating online work as well as offline or physical work by working alongside robotics or through drones and machines. Computer vision is another domain that works with other software or platforms (such as the system used in Tesla Cars) and is heavily dependent on AI. AI is being integrated into a huge number of software and applications to make the experience of users better or for handling user data. AI-based systems are being used in one way or another in our lives.

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