With iOS and Android both at the top of the leader board in terms of delivering the best mobile apps around, it can be hard for developers to know which market to choose. Getting a better understanding of the two markets and what they can offer can help you make the right decision in what type of app to design whether iOS or Android.

Devices to Support iOS or Android

The first factor you will need to consider when designing a mobile app is for the app to be able to work on all platforms and devices. Having an app that can work on all Android devices is next to impossible due to the sheer number of different devices. With so many devices, many do not run the same version of Android. Compare this to iOS, where there are less than 10 devices currently in circulation. You will want to create an app that can be used by as many people as possible, so working out which platform is best for you is essential. However, as Android has so many more options available, developers are more likely to opt for them with more customers to appeal to.

Development Time

You will also need to work out how much time is required to create and develop your mobile app. Time schedules and strict deadlines play a major part in developers choosing whether to go for Android or iOS. As Apple has strict guidelines and regulations on developing apps, you will need to work out whether your app can be created in the desired time frame.

iOS or Android

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Making Money

Like with any business, you will want to make as much money as you can from your mobile app. Recent figures have shown that iPhone apps are still taking in much more money than Android apps and historically, iPhone users are much more likely to spend their money on apps and in-app purchases. Do not be put off from creating a paid-for app for Android, but it may be wise to launch with iOS first. You can also start your mobile app off on one platform and then follow it up on another. Make sure that you have a great launch pad firstly, so you can test the market and gain feedback.


Spending time looking at the popularity of each platform will help you work out which route is best for you to take. While iOS has remained consistent and popular from its launch, more and more people are opting for Android devices, so understanding which route to take is essential for your mobile app to be successful and thrive. The type of mobile app you are offering as well as the cost will all need to be considered.

With both platforms offering a variety of advantages, it is important to take time to thoroughly plan out what type of app you are wanting to achieve. With millions of customers engaging with both parties, you will need to spend time looking at the consumer market, so you can be confident that your app is going to be a success.