Iterable - Email Optimization for Growth Hacking Marketers

You could use MailChimp – which I’ve mentioned in my free marketing tools post – and manage your email campaigns through their easy-to-use system, or you could try out a email optimization service like Iterable.

I’m actually not a customer of Iterable myself, and so I’m unable to give an in-depth review of the platform. I’m also not quite sure if there are any customers who’ve left real reviews for others to learn from, I’ll be pinging this to Iterable team and hopefully someone can step in and clear that up for us. There is one case study available, see it here.

It’s essentially an email platform created by a bunch of hackers – ex-Twitter engineers and such – to help businesses and companies create better emails, especially in the field of mobile marketing.

Iterable I Home

Their core features are analytics, and the ability to build emails quickly, including those that require dynamic content. Iterable will allow you to track your customers and their behavior, which will allow you to send better emails in the future. The platform will automatically scan and analyze the rate of emails opened by each customer, and then use that data to figure out what is the best time to send an email to that person again. It’s pretty awesome!

Add in dynamically updating content that you never thought was possible- like a live countdown timer.

Just as you’re able to track conversions, and track which email was responsible for a new sale. It’s really going that extra mile to get to know your customers, but also to make more money.

The pricing is based on the usage of the platform, so it’s pretty much like a pay as you go model. You can get in touch with @SherryChao to find out more, or simply ask some questions if you have any.