Get Start With Sails.js

All of us live in a world which is very fast paced and a field such as technology is even faster. This is why developers and programmers must constantly stay on their toes. The faster we understand the problem the faster we find their solutions and the faster we reach the solutions. Therefore, in order to do so we need a very fast system and framework that can do this job for us.

So, if you are new to the programming world and want to explore your ideas and thoughts about different projects and to check their results, then Sails.js is the right framework.


Sails.js is one of the most popular and exciting MVC framework for the Node.js. It is a JavaScript framework that is specially designed to look like the MVC architecture from framework like Ruby on Rails.

To get started with Sails.js, first of all you need to install it. The installation process is very simple. Install Node.js, which is a prerequisites of Sails.js and comes with NPM. The most interesting thing about Node.js is that in order to operate, it does not require any external web server. In Node.js application and web server has the same meaning.

If you don’t already have Node, then first of all install Node from the website. Follow all the instructions given by the installer and then once completed you can move further. Your next step will be open up the terminal and check the Node version using the following command – npm install check-node-version.

After that issue the command that is given below:
cmd 1
Once, you are done issuing the command, your next step will be to make a new project in Sails.js. So, to create the new project. you will require the following command:
cmd 2
As, you can see in the above command that the name of my project is “myNewProject” so sails will generate a new folder under this name and all the necessary files to start an application build up. And if you are a very curious programmer and want to see what exactly is generating under this project then go to the folder and run the sails server. The running of the server is done by giving the following command:
cmd 3
The most important thing you must always remember is to install the corresponding NPM for whatever adapter you configure.

So, if I revise you than the things which should be done in order to work with Sails.js then always and always remember:
1. Create a Sails.js application.
2. Create source with custom fields.
3. Modify the database connection parameters.
4. Add a custom route.
5. Create an entry in the database.

Once you have installed Sails.js, then coming up tasks are not difficult for the regular developers and programmers.

The best way to start learning how to work with Sails is to actually start building applications. This will help you understand the bits and pieces that no one can explain and will also give you hands-on experience rather than just theoretical knoweldge.