Fax has always been associated with the fax machine and landline. In the present day since smartphones and computers have replaced the landline, people find it outdated to use the fax machines so the technology has upgraded the ways of sending and receiving the fax.

In this article, we have provided all the facts and figures related to all the important online faxing services. Another way you can use to enhance your understanding of online faxing is to read the blog on the Google Fax Free site.

CocoFax: virtual fax machine

One of the best blog sites, Google Fax Free provides updates on the best free fax services you can use without connecting any landline and arranging the fax machine and its accessories. It has been supported by many good reputed platforms like CNET, Mashable, Tom’s Guide, and Forbes.

As recommended by Google Fax Free, CocoFax provides you the faxing services free of cost for the period of one month and along with that, there is another thing you must have for using the CocoFax and sending and receiving the faxes. That is the fax number. CocoFax gives you the free fax number online without maintaining the additional landline.

The reason for using fax to send the sensitive documents by health institutes and the government offices is that you can preserve the security of the documents. You can send the fax directly from the computer without printing it out and leaving it open.

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How to send a fax from the CocoFax:

You can send a fax from the CocoFax platform by using either its dashboard or by opening the email account and then sending and receiving the faxes like an email. You can read the post on the Google Fax Free blogging site for questions like ‘how to fax without a fax machine.’


Send a fax from the CocoFax dashboard:

Step 1:

The initial step is to register your account with CocoFax by signing up for the free trial of one month. During this process, you will choose the fax number in the first step. The fax number can be chosen from the category of a toll-free number, local fax number, or vanity number.


After that, you have to enter the email address and the password to make it possible for you to merge the email account with the CocoFax account.


Step 2:

Next thing is that you have to open the CocoFax dashboard after the signup process. There you will see the ‘new fax’ option on the top left corner. If you want to send a fax you have to click on that option.

Step 3:

After clicking on the option another window will open with multiple fields where you have to draft the email.


This field is mandatory and here you have to enter the fax number of the person you want the fax to be received. You have to be careful while typing the number because it is like an email address if not entered correctly it will hinder the delivery of the fax.

Subject: This is not an essential field. If you want to type something it will become the title of the fax.

Body: This is the place where you can type your fax number and the summary of the fax.


This is an important part because you will attach the document you want to fax here. Find the paper clip option and after clicking on that you will see the new window popping up. You can attach multiple files at the same time and CocoFax will send them together as single fax. This will save you time and energy.

Step 4:

Final thing is to hit the send button and rest assured that the fax is delivered because you will instantly get the notification telling you about the efficient delivery of the fax.


Receive fax on CocoFax dashboard:

For receiving the fax you have to give your fax number to the next person and after that, the process is the same for him. If the sender is using a fax machine, you can receive the fax without any additional steps. CocoFax will do the work for you.

CocoFax will receive the document, translate it into the digital file, and add that fax to your inbox where you can go and have a look anytime you want.

Send fax via email by using the CocoFax:

This is another way of using the CocoFax for sending the fax. CocoFax is essential because your PC or mobile doesn’t have the built-in software to act as a gateway for the analog signals or to send the fax directly from the web browser.

Preliminary steps are the same, you have to sign up and try the free trial and after that, you have to log into your email account. Click on the ‘compose new fax’ option and follow the steps of filling the different fields. 

One difference is that in the ‘to’ field you have to enter the @cocofax.com with the fax number. So if the fax number is 123456 you have to type 123456@cocofax.com.

After selecting the document just click on the send option and the fax will be sent the same way. Once the fax has delivered to the recipient, CocoFax will let you know by sending the confirmatory email in your inbox.


Receive fax via email:

You can receive a large number of faxes in your inbox without running out of storage capacity. So CocoFax has made the receiving of faxes much convenient for you by integrating the email services into the faxing procedure.

These faxes are stored in your inbox for the lifetime of your account. You just have to log into your account for reading the incoming faxes. There is no additional need of printing them out so basically you can send and receive the faxes without any delay or waiting for the print out copy of the fax. 


This article has provided the guidelines in detail about sending and receiving faxes online. You can now actually enjoy the whole process of faxing while doing it on your mobile phone or computer. There is no way you will go back to the old ways of faxing through fax machines and landlines after using CocoFax.

CocoFax is the recommendation of a large number of its users because of its feasible services and economical plans. CocoFax works entirely from the web browser so you don’t have to install new software on your computer.