Learning from Online Video Courses What Are The Benefits

In the celebrations of me opening CodeCondo Learn, I thought it would be a good idea to cover some benefits that come along to people who decide to learn from video materials on websites like Udemy. Online content that comes in video format is quickly becoming a trend and we are seeing more and more companies mentor their workers and students through online video courses.

In reality, there are many reasons why a video guide would be more appealing than written content, like an eBook or a full book.

Watch Whenever and Wherever

Unlike regular content, video materials are usually going to reside in one account (Udemy, for example) and you will be able to access them from anywhere at any given time, without having to shuffle around too much.

Not many websites offer full-on guides for mastering something, and so you have to put together a ton of posts and articles to create one big thing, and keeping track of it all is not the easiest task you might come across.

I lose tons of articles every day even by trying to bookmark most. My bookmarked page amount already goes well into the hundreds. I can easily save myself some time by switching over to video materials.

Skip the Crappy Parts

Written content often means that you are going to have to scan the page to find the parts that you need, as much of the content is simply recycled and you don’t need it anymore.

Video courses are great to solve this issue, as rarely is the full course created into a one big file. Instead it’s separated into smaller videos and each video explains one thing and one thing only.

Again, you are saving yourself time by not having to return to the same article(s) all the time. Everything is packed into one big project and it’s always accessible.

You are meant to forget things along the way, watching a quick 5 minute video can quickly refresh your memory.

Community Based Questions

While standard blog comments are still very useful and helpful, nothing beats a community based question page. You straight away know that everything there is going to be related to the video course, making sure nothing can go wrong. And it’s often a great place to learn new insights too.

Because you are often purchasing video content from an instructor, you are guaranteed to have your questions answered either by community or the instructor himself. Everyone likes to make their customers happy, that’s how word of mouth works.

Premium Content Guarantees

The last thing I want to mention is the guarantees that usually come with video content, premium of course.

When you purchase video content you are always reminded and provided with all that you will learn and acquire through the course, as well as what tools you will need to do it. It’s always a win-win situation, if you happen to see something about the course that you don’t like, just don’t purchase it then.

You have the choice. And if you purchase and you aren’t happy, it was pretty much your own fault.