Make the Most of Social Logins

It is becoming easier to access sites on the internet, as the processes have been made shorter than ever before. Now, you do not need to fill in a long form if you want to gain access to your favorite site. You can do so simply using a social login.

A social login, also known as a special sign-in is a single sign-on technology that allows its users to sign in using existing information from a social networking site. These include sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on, where instead of them creating a new account for that particular website. Users are able to authenticate themselves on different types of websites through a direct connection to a social media site other than having a separate ID and password for every site they want access to.

easier to access sites on the internet
When a user wants to access a certain site that offers the social logins, they can go for the option of registering or logging in with the ID and password that they use in other sites through a widget or a plug-in. This basically connects the site to the social site they want access to. There are standards which are used in order to exchange social login information and these are OAuth and OpenID Connect.

What happens in this case is that the user’s basic information is shared; therefore they are not required to register separately for every site that they want to use. If you configure your social site account to automatically login, you will not even need an id or passw0rd on any new site that allows social logins. This is also beneficial to the users in that they can easily share information among different sites which is easy and time saving. Marketers can take advantage of this in order to personalize their content and offers for their target audience in different social platforms.
different social platforms

The benefits your users can enjoy include: –

1. Faster registration

With social logins, they can enjoy easy and fast registrations and subscriptions because they will not be required to create an account on every site that they visit. For a lot of people who are always in a hurry to register or subscribe on the social sites, you should make the most out of the social logins. It will also make subscribing on your site much easier.

2. Other social functionalities

They are able to enjoy some of the social functionalities that your website may introduce. If for instance you want them to share content or to comment on something for a gain, they will be able to do this much easily and effectively.

3. It is easy to maintain multiple IDs

Multiple IDs are the best way to have control over your online ID. A lot of people have more than one account on one social site, and this is all for a good reason. With social login capabilities, they can do this for all the social sites they are a member off, without worrying that they will have so many login details to remember.

4. They will have one login detail to master

It is not easy to remember login details especially if you have multiple accounts over the internet. A lot of people keep resetting their accounts because they cannot recall their usernames or even passwords. Setting of a strong password becomes hard because you cannot remember more than 2 or 3 strong passwords. When they are using a social login, they do not have to go through all this. They just need to learn one login and you will be able to access all your other accounts, making it easy to sign up on your site.

5. You can provide goal-targeted content

This is in case you decide to gather profiles or social data in order to offer content to a specific group of your users. The kind of information you can use in this case can be names, emails, activities they like, friends in their circles, and their interests among other details.

6. It’s the best to use on mobile

It is not always easy to login on a smart phone that is why social logins are the best to use in case one is using a Smartphone and they want to access multiple accounts on different websites. This makes it easy for them to access your site while on the go.

access multiple accounts
Whether or not you can use social logins on your website will depend on a number of factors, for instance the kind of services that you are offering on your site, the goals of that website and the target group. It is important to have the benefits your users will enjoy and keep the cons in mind as well, so as to make the right decision. Some of the disadvantages you should be looking at are:

1. Your users may not trust you fully with their information. There will be a class of users who will feel that you might use their personal data in an incorrect manner. They will not for instance want you to use their information to post on their social media pages and also to spam them. There is no guarantee that this will not happen, and therefore they may choose not to use it.

2. You will not be able to benefit from all your customers especially those that are not active on social media. They will not be able to enjoy the benefit of social logins on your website. This means that you will lose a lot if you will only use social logins on your website.

3. There is a high possibility of use of incorrect information; therefore you will end up with inaccurate data. People do not use the correct data all the time whenever they are signing up on social sites. This means that you will end up with information that is incorrect pertaining to your users and this may not be good for your business.