The Crypto market is down right now, but there are still some great opportunities to make money. Here are three cryptocurrencies you should avoid until the market recovers. But, the downfall isn’t going to last long, so, fasten your belts and visit as it puts forth a variety of crypto assets to deal in.  Nevertheless, one must always remember that digital assets are synonymous with volatility and risks and hence one should be considerate from both points of view. 

1. Booktopia

It is a coin with a very low market cap, but it is still doing well in the market. The coin has been known as the crypto sandbank because it has no real business plan; all they do is hold its coins and wait for the price to rise. If this happens, they can then sell their coins at a profit. This will be a good time to buy some Bloktopia if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies right now since there are many investors who are looking for safe investments with low risk for their money.

The cryptocurrency market is still in a down phase, and you should avoid investing in anything that is currently at a low price. Bloktopia is a cryptocurrency that is currently at a low price and has not seen any gains in the last few days. If you invest in it now, you have the chance that you can lose money. The Bloktoria is a cryptocurrency that had a great start in the market, but it has now been downgraded by investors who have lost their confidence in the project and its future. Despite this, the team behind Bloktoria is committed to providing you with all your needs and wants.

2. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is not a bad coin, but it is not as good as some other coins on this list and is also quite volatile. It has been around for several years now and has been used as a means of payment in Japan for a long time. If you want to invest in Japanese coins then this one might be worth a shot, but it wouldn’t be recommended for anything else until you’ve done your research on other cryptocurrencies first. This coin has been around for quite some time now and has been getting more exposure from media outlets over the past couple of months which means that its value will likely increase as more people become aware of its existence.

However, its value will likely decrease as more people start to invest in it due to its relatively high price compared to other cryptocurrencies on the market today; therefore, we recommend avoiding investing in Shiba Inu during this time period until further notice as there won’t be enough demand. The developers are working hard to make sure that they provide you with all the functionalities you want in your digital currency wallet.

3. The meta hero

The meta hero is actually a very interesting project that focuses on helping people who are suffering from mental health issues such as stress and anxiety through using technology and blockchain technology instead of traditional treatment methods such as medication or therapy sessions which can be expensive or inconvenient depending on where you live in the world (and even if you want to travel abroad), so if you want something that’s easy to use then this might be worth checking out! This cryptocurrency is one of the most popular ones in the market today due to its innovative features and secure nature, which makes it an ideal option for users who want something new and exciting.


You should avoid cryptocurrencies during the down phase because they can be very volatile, and you don’t want to lose your money if you aren’t careful. Avoiding these cryptocurrencies during the down phase is advisable because they have a very low market cap and can have a negative impact on your portfolio. The cryptocurrencies have been down for a while now. The price of cryptocurrencies is not increasing. The prices of some cryptocurrencies are going down because of the market cap or other reasons.

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