About Us Page

“About Us” is the most visited page on any business website and it needs to be handled with care. As we say the first impression is often the last impression, same works with the About Us page. This page reflects your business as a whole. This page includes information about your business to the visitors, telling them what exactly you do, including personal information and tries builds a strong rapport and trust. But many times we see that this important page is always overlooked.

We will look at the major mistakes done while writing an About Us page:

1. It’s all ‘About You’:

The name itself says ‘About Us’, which means that this page should only focus on you and your business. The visitors are going to visit this page to understand the minds behind the business, these means the team that came up with ideas. Visitors are curious to know more about you, what you’re doing and how you got to where you are. While the rest of your website is about your business, this section should only be about the people and their personal tidbits. Remember, you want them to humanize you and your business.

About Us

2. No description of your website’s purpose:

Many of the times we see that this page does not hold the information which it has to, this makes difficult for the customers to understand about your business and services. And as a result you would be losing a customer. Do not focus just on your website and what you offer, that’s what the rest of the website is for, rather let the people know your vision and your history and anything else that you would share with someone to boost your credibility.


3. There aren’t any visible opt-in forms:

While the ‘About Us’ page isn’t all that popular, but it is a page that includes a great deal of information about your company and the team behind it. While not necessary, this is a great place to include an opt-in form, which allows visitors to subscribe to your website’s updates, allowing you to have a better follower database and maybe potential conversions.

4. Add Visuals:

Many companies only include textual information on the About Us page, which means that anyone who isn’t interested in reading on and on, will leave the page without so much as a glance towards the content. Adding visuals will help spice up the content and also makes it extremely engaging.

5. Add Social Links:

The most effective way to attract new customers is to show them your past testimonials from your clients, your great work in publications or any other media where you have been mentioned. You can display this on your About Us page, which builds a trust in your clients and ultimately spreads your business. This is also a great place to prominently display your social media links such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Social Profile

6. Don’t Crowd The Page:

One important thing is that you should not include too much of information, which can often confuse the readers, keep the text simple in about 300 to 400 words explaining your idea and stick to it. When it comes to this section, remember that less is more.

Contact Us

7. No contact information:

The most common mistake made by many business websites make is that they don’t include any contact information on their About Us page. This page should definitely include your email address or your contact information, where the customers can easily get in touch with you.

Above we found some of the major common mistakes done while making an About Us page. So, when you are creating your About Us page remember to avoid the above mistakes and make it more reader friendly, attractive and appealing to drag new customers for your business.