Mobile apps are ubiquitous. They are popular and is used by everyone who you talk to. There have entered human’s daily life more than any other technology out there. In this article, we will be listing 5 Top Mobile App Testing Devices For Cloud. However before we list them, let’s find out what exactly is mobile app testing.

As a business, it means you have the opportunity to take its advantage. There are plenty of ways you can do so. The first obvious step is to make the app itself. However, creating a good app is a challenging task. This leas us to testing mobile apps so that they meet the standard set in the market.

Testing a mobile app is not an easy task. It requires testing on multiple OS and devices. Not only that you also need to take care of the compatibility issues that can crop up with other apps. The point here is that without proper testing, you cannot release your app to the audience. That’s why you need to use different testing tools.

Mobile App Testing: A basic introduction

Whenever you write code or develop software to run on a device, you need to properly optimize your code not only in terms of performance but also errors. You have to make sure that it performs as intended on all the different devices with the diverse operating system.

Testers use many different testing methods such as functional, usability, OS version, performance, and other testing methods.

So, what exactly is a cloud-based mobile app testing?

Cloud-based mobile app testing is a way for testers and developers to access a wide variety of tools, devices, and communication. This means that testers can get access to different OS, carriers, and devices without physically owning them. To use the services, the app needs to be uploaded.

What are the benefits of cloud-based mobile app testing?

Now, you might be wondering what the benefits associated with it are? From the start, it is obvious; testers get access to a central hub for app testing purpose. Also, there is no need to buy expensive hardware and tools to test your app.

Other benefits include

  • Secure environment testing
  • Parallel testing support
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Test results can be recorded.
  • Pay as you use mode.

5 Top Mobile App Testing Devices For Cloud

Now that we have understood the basics of mobile testing and cloud app testing, we are now ready to list the top device clouds that you can use. Let’s list them below.

Firebase Test Lab for Android

Firebase Test Lab for Android is directly integrated into the Firebase development platform. This makes it a must use for developers who are using Firebase. It was earlier known as Google Cloud Test Lab.

Firebase Test Lab comes with all the features that you can expect. It provides an infrastructure that boasts a wide variety of devices. It also offers other device configurations so that you have the complete testing environment. It also can automate tests.

Currently, you can get access to Firebase through three plans:
Free: No cost!
Flame: $25/mo.
Blaaze: Pay as you go

You can check the pricing here:

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is a cloud app testing platform provided by Amazon Web Services. You cannot go wrong with AWS Device Farm as it provided by the leading cloud computing platform. With AWS Device Farm, you can test your app with multiple devices without any limitation whatsoever. The testing is also done in real time where you can check the logs, screenshot, and other data that lets you test your app.

They also provide automated testing and allows you to test both hybrid and native apps.

The pricing is “pay as you go”. You will also get 1000 device minutes free. The pricing is $0.17/ device minute. You can also avail of unlimited testing at $250/monnth. They also provide private devices at $200/month.

You can check the pricing here:


Kobiton lets you create a perfect mobile experience by providing you the tools to build a perfect mobile app. It helps you to integrate regular CI/CD. Not only that it also provides the most comprehensive testing platform. With it, you can test across 350_ devices and that too in real-time.

Other key features that Kobiton offers is app health-check and device lab management.

You can try out Kobiton for free. After the trial, you need to take any of the monthly plans which start at $50/month to $300/month. It also comes with a yearly plan which starts from $500/year to $3000 per year. You can find more about their pricing here:

Xamarin Test Cloud(Now APP Center)

Xamarin test cloud is an app testing service acquired by Microsoft last year. It now falls under the App center. An app center is a good place to set up your app for testing purposes. You can also automate tests to find out issues with different devices and configuration. It also provides good reporting so that you know what’s wrong and how to fix it.

The pricing part is also done right. It starts at $99/month per standard device concurrency. You can check more about the pricing here:


Perfecto offers excellent services when it comes to mobile app testing. They offer device testing in many ways including continuous quality lab. The developer can test different testing methods such as test-automation, mobile performance, manual testing and much more. All of these can be done in real-time.

They offer access to many devices and multiple configurations. They also provide services through high-quality data centers. You gain access to more than 10,000 devices. There are three plans that you can use. The basic starts from just $99 per month. The advanced plan, on the other hand, costs $299/mo. You can also take advantage of the two-hour free trial before making the decision.

We hope you found interesting mobile app testing cloud solution. If you think we missed something, then don’t forget to comment below and let us know.