React JS is a JavaScript library gaining quick popularity and being rightly designated as bestsellers. What makes React JS popular is its amazing utility in web development and revolutionizing the workflow.

React JS is playing a pivotal role in front-end ecosystem. That is why Facebook is also using it along with other developer communities. What is more, leading companies such as PayPal, Apple, Netflix, and other thousands of websites are using React JS framework to enhance the efficiency of their frameworks.

Here, I will reveal some of the amazing merits of React JS, including its benefits, unique features and above all how to use it to efficiently get your projects completed.

React JS makes the process of writing components smoother

React can be used without JSX, but using it with JSX makes it work elegantly. What is more, it can work with HTML making subcomponent working smoothly. This combination of JSX and React actually makes the efficiency of the source simpler and clearer.

React JS increases efficiency and makes maintenance easier


React JS can solve the problem of updates, that is why, Facebook employs it to re-use system components, which is one of the unique features of React JS according to developers.

Re-use of assets is becoming popular among designers as they re-employ similar digital objects and start with components such as button and checkbox, then move to wrapper components which comprises tiny elements, which then move to the main component. This whole process makes manipulation easier thus one gets better app look codebase and growth. That is why, companies such as Walmart Chile, Massmart, Walmart Brazil, Sam’s Club, etc. use this component structure.

React JS provides an ideal solution to high-load application

React offers an amazing solution to the common problem that comes with the apps that are built with the high-load application. Such heavy applications negatively affect apps performance. Even latest engines come across bottlenecks. In order to solve this problem, Facebook has come up with Virtual DOM (document object model) and is getting rid of this problem by using React JS. So now companies are getting better user experience and better app performance.

React ensures stable code

React guarantees code stability of better app performance by using only downward data flow. When it comes to changing an object, the developers only modify its state and make changes thereby some specific components are updated which then allow better stability and efficient app performance.

React enhances SEO performance


React increases the performance of SEO as it deals with search engine failure to read JavaScript high loaded application apps. It can smoothly run on the server by enabling the browser to work as a regular webpage.

React JS comes with useful developer tools

React JS can provide coverage with its debugging and design tools ensuring efficient performance. Its developer tools are available as a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome.

React JS is ideal for mobile app development

React JS facilitates the transition process in both web and mobile application development by following the same design patterns. React and JavaScript integration will enable you to build rich UI for native apps supported by iOS and Android platforms.

React Native developers are convinced of its portability, real-time reload, ability to reuse components, modular architecture and generous ecosystem. When it comes to using React Native, some frequently used apps such as Skype, Airbnb, WalMart and Tesla employ React Native. Moreover, Instagram and Facebook are other widely used social websites that employ React Native.

React JS is easy to comprehend and learn

It ought to be remembered that React JS consist of next level tools in JavaScript. If you have skills in CSS and HTML and feel comfortable with using JavaScript, then learning React JS will become easier. Learning this unique JS library will enable you to take your web applications to a more advanced level.

How React JS Works?

React JS is not comprised of a full-featured framework. It is a JavaScript library which focuses only on one specific thing and ensures to do it properly. It is generally considered to have V in the MVC pattern. If you are a JavaScript developer, you can easily master the basics of React JS and easily build a superb web app.

React JS does not stick with some particular templates, patterns, complex internals or architecture like MVC or MVVM. React is a view layer allowing JavaScript developer to design according to his own style. What you need to do is to be familiar with component’s props, states, and life cycles.

React JS has the backing of a strong community of experts


React JS has the support of Instagram and Facebook teams as well as external experts whose numbers according to one estimate is more than 1100 contributors. Moreover, users can also ask questions on forums like Reactflux Chart, Discussion forum etc. For expanding knowledge, instructor-led learning of React JS is ideal.

React is employed by thousands of International companies as well as advanced startups

Thousands of International corporations are using React JS for creating their sites, apps and internal project, which speaks volumes of the amazing utility of React JS. Here are some examples of the International companies that use React Native: Walmart Labs, Airbnb, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg, Go Daddy, Gyroscope etc. More sites such as Netflix, BBC, Dropbox, IMDb, Coursera, PayPal, Chrysler, Dailymotion, American Express, Khan Academy, New York Times and much more uses React JS.

Know when to use React JS

There is no gainsaying the fact that React is worthy of attention, especially when you wish to work on single page application and want to make it faster and user-friendly.


React JS is doubtless non-risky, advanced and responsive. The most distinguishing feature of this unique JavaScript library is to tackle the challenge of building large-scale applications with data that constantly change. React JS enables developers to work with DOM which is user-friendly and much faster than the original one. Together, it enables the developers to easily create interactive UIs, component-based structure and JSX support. So in the light of above-mentioned unique features of React JS, it is definitely a sensible choice for corporations as well as startups.