The very first thing that you must do after buying a brand new car is to purchase the right auto insurance. It is imperative to protect your car from damages that might occur once it starts plying on roads. Also, car insurance policies come handy in a number of situations. Marketreview would vouch for the statement. It takes care of the legal complications that might arise when you find yourself in the middle of an accident and find out that it was your car that caused damages to the other car. It also sees to it that you can claim whatever the insurance promised to cover if you are to repair the damages. Without a car insurance policy, you would have to dish out every single penny from your pockets, which does not sound anything like a relief. Now, coming to the topic of car insurance, you must educate yourself a bit on the apps for car insurance. In all honesty, these apps are something of a lifesaver. It is much easier and safe to carry your insurance in the digital form than carry the physical copy of it. Therefore, keeping this at the back of our mind, we shall now check the features of a few car insurance apps that can come handy to you in moments of crisis. 

Allstate Mobile:

The very first thing that we need to mention over here is that this app comes free of cost and can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store. Allstate Mobile is one of the most popular car insurance apps that there is. It has a decent customer base owing to the features it supports. 

AllState Mobile

From paying bills to submitting quick claims, this app does all these and much more. For instance, the utility of the app does not just stop at submitting claims; it also has a locator enabled in it which makes it easy to find parking lots. Plus, it also has a gas finder which is an incredibly useful feature to have on an app. Think of all the times when you find yourself running out of gas. The gas finder can help you spot one within your current radius.

Esurance Mobile:

If you are the one who only needs the basics to be done with an app, Esurance is the way to go. This app performs all the essential functions like viewing your documents and paying important bills. You can also view the details of your policy and reach out for roadside assistance through this app. However, fret not. These are just the secondary functions of the app. The app might be known to be good with the basic stuff, but it definitely serves the purpose for what it was meant, and that is, handling your car insurance policy.


You can submit claims easily as well as update your payments. With more features being added to this app, it is slowly making its way to the top of the list. 

Geico Mobile:

Here is another app is known for its simplicity. This app does not complicate things by overdoing or adding unnecessary features to it. There are a few bugs (something that you should know), but nothing that would come into your way of performing the basic stuff. Payment of bills, viewing your documents and submitting claims have been made simple and comfortable with the Geico Mobile app at your disposal.    


It also has a chat window for customers to raise queries, if any, which are then effectively resolved. 


Just like its name suggests, the Progressive app is quite a thing to have on your phone if insuring your car is the first thing on your mind. It efficaciously performs all the functions that the other apps on this list do, like paying bills, resolving queries, viewing documents and stuff; and also provides its users with the option of editing their car insurance policy. Now, the app might have certain issues with it, but they are not anything serious. The Progressive app is thus, one of the most progressive apps on the list here. 

State Farm:

State Farm is another car insurance app that you must consider downloading on your phone from Google Play Store. It is free, much like the other apps on the list and shall always come to your rescue in moments of crisis. 

State Farm

It has a very simple approach and functions the best when you use it for regular tasks. However, in a world where technology has increasingly complicated lives, maybe simple is what we need right now. 


To assume that you could do without a proper car insurance policy is a fool’s dream. You could be the most careful driver on the face of the planet, but that does not imply that you would be protected and secured against the greater forces of nature. And, in this age of technological mushrooming, it is always a wise idea to download the apps that can rescue you from any unwanted complications. Browse through Google Play to find the app best suited for you and make an informed decision today.