Pagesnap - Automated Monthly Snapshots of Your Website

Pagesnap is a service / platform that wants to help you keep a track of how your website looks over time, specifically – how it looks every month, week or day. You can begin by investing $5 a month, in order to receive a monthly snapshot of your website. It’s actually in development right now, but you can expect it to launch soon.

In the meantime, you can take a look at DailySiteSnap – another service that provides the same functionality, free of charge and is fully functional. I guess the extra money that you are investing into these tools go towards support, and extra features being built-in.

You can also check out VisualPing, which will allow you to capture a full snapshot of a webpage, and further extend the functionality by allowing you to select a specific part of a page you’d like to monitor. Great little thing, especially when it comes to monitoring landing pages.

I guess it turned into a little bit of wider post than I initially thought, but there are a few of these type of websites out there, and so it’s best to have a variety to choose from. I’m sure you know some as well, so please drop a comment and let the community know.