Just this morning I was browsing the web for some information regarding Pinterest, as I am very much prepared to take my blog on Pinterest in the very near future. I’ve only heard good things about it, and it seems that the traffic that comes from Pinterest is really engaging and supportive. That is what I like to hear.

Couple of hours after my initial research and discover, I came across an amazing infographic that shows examples and data about Pinterest in this coming year 2014, it discusses and explains why you need to move to Pinterest and market your business there as well.

To begin with, the data tells us that there are 70 million active Pinterest users, out of which 80% are from the United States – those are some pretty crazy ‘claims’ and it goes to show that there is plenty of growth in the European market for Pinterest, I cannot wait till it gains the momentum it needs to make it in Europe, as an European myself – I would love to tell my friends I knew about Pinterest before they did, hehe.

The next slide tells us that Pinterest is very attractive and appealing to women. 80% of the whole userbase are female members. You might think that that’s absurd and there is nothing to gain from there, but you’ve got to understand women and how crazy they are when it comes to good shopping. Just think about how often your wife is swiping your credit card – you’ll understand then.

The one I was taking a look at in the morning reported 75% of the members as female, so there has been a significant growth happening on the site itself. You can compare the statistics by taking a look at this infrographic from Prestige Marketing.

There are plenty of other data points that this infographic covers, but I don’t want to spoil it for you – so just scroll down and keep learning!

It’s clear that Pinterest has to become an essential part of your business, the statistics don’t lie – and there is a market to tap into. I myself need to learn how to become a professional ‘Pinner’ and perhaps then I can start publishing my own little guides and reports.

Pinterest for Your Business in 2014 is Essential [INFOGRAPHIC]