SEO Software - Positionly

I write quite a bit about SEO, and overall topics that help webmasters to reach out to higher up audiences. I’m also quite fond of tools that can help to automate, and ease down the process for me. Positionly gives you a list of SEO tools that will help you increase your search rankings within a couple of days, weeks for bigger projects.

You can easily integrate your Google Analytics properties within Positionly and avoid having to switch between one another, and instead spend that time on things that matter, like keyword positioning and keyword rankings, features which are included in the package.

Features - Positionly

There is no need to worry about the competition, as you’ll be able to easy setup campaigns for monitoring and tracking your competitions website and keywords as it happens, and see whether there is an opportunity to take an advantage of. Positionly is quite modern and uses stylish pie charts, and statistic graphs to return results to the user.

The plans begin at $19 per month for smaller websites, and can stretch to $200 per month for those who’re looking to run multiple campaigns for themselves, and their clients. If you’re a startup, you can begin by selecting the free 7-day trial and then sending an email to the marketing team, applying for a free 6 month promotional package that any legitimate startup owner can grant access to. Read more.

I’m seeing a bit of transparency in this company, and so I hope they’ll be able to achieve their long-term goals. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.