I’m pretty sure that there is plenty of space in the market for tools such as RankScanner – in one of my recent posts I wrote about four very popular backlink tracking tools, and most of them allow for you to track and monitor your keywords. The difference is the price, free vs. premium!

RankScanner Preview

This is the screen you’re going to be greeted with once you signup for the waiting list, you can speed up the process by sharing the affiliate link that you’re provided with, and I think once someone signs up using your link – you get instant access.

The company is originating from Denmark, I tried finding who is behind it and I could only find someone named ‘Karsten Sønderup Hansen’, who seems to own another company called ‘Seohansen’. I will tweet this out to the official RankScanner profile and see what kind of response I can generate.

RankScanner Features

I’d probably like to hear about future plans, and how the website is going to be monetized. I’d hate to see the website gain a significant amount of following, only to later go premium and leave the free users with limited functionality. I’m only second guessing, but it’s a pretty valid argument, and it has happened in the past a couple of times.

I’m interested in this tool, though, I’m always interested in free stuff. :)

Here is a snapshot of the dashboard:

RankScanner Dashboard

What do you think, and are you excited? What are some other free tools like this that you know about? I’m all ears and I hope we can get a response from the team behind RankScanner in the comments! :)