Next, to fashion and interior, web designing is one of the top design professions where your creativity can take you high in your career. With every major company, adapting itself to the digital world are increasingly conscious about the way their online portal attracts customer. If there is any truth to the saying “The first impression is the last impression”, then the way websites appear have a lasting effect on the visitors.

Some designers might go overboard and can drench the entire website with applications and widgets, giving a highly cluttered look. With everything looking so over-the-top, it is likely that most people aren’t going to stay on the website for long. Other websites can use flashy edits and colors that appear out of context with the rest of the website. There can be a million reasons that affect the look of the website but these were just some of the most prominent causes. You can check some of the websites that are believed to have a terrible look right here.

How your website looks can also be a crucial factor for your SEO rankings and subsequently, contribute to your sales. You can check out some websites with the most awe-inspiring designs right here. Glancing over them will give you an idea which factors you must consider while building a website.

So, if you feel the creative spirit in you, you can very well make it your career path. Here are my tips to wow your audience with your design skills.

#1. 5 Second Rule

You must have heard about this cliché almost at any event, usually at a peevish gathering of lost and found items. Here in web design, it refers to your skills to wow him in a minuscule duration. It is usually said that when a viewer clicks on a website or a video if he isn’t impressed by it within 5 seconds, he will move out of that portal.

This will cause adverse effects on the website in bringing up its bounce rate and thereby, lowering its rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Which is why it is advised if one can design the website with attractive designs and elements. The initial content must be concise and readily solve the problem of the viewer.

For example, If one makes a search about the best oncologists in the country, they will have no interest in knowing the history of cancer or how it occurs. These people are in a hurry to immediately search for treatment. So, an indispensable website would be the one where the name of the best-known oncologists would be given including their address and possibly fees. Along with that, adding the experience of the doctor would also help.

#2. Symmetrical Balance


We all like symmetry. Therefore, all the basic geometric shapes from a circle to a trapezoid have symmetry. It gives a sense of order and equilibrium on both sides.

For example, you can add an element to a background and keep it in the center of that image. This equally distributes the weight of the added element in all the 4 cardinal directions of the background. Imagine this as gravity acting on the element while it is rested on the peak of a very sharp object. To counteract the effects, it needs to spread itself out.

But that is not the only rule when it comes to design but the most fundamental one. You can add elements to asymmetrical looking images as well and not always to balance them.

#3. Base Colors

There should a few colors that should almost be the signature of the website. The colors should have some semblance to the brand and the industry it represents. For example, a website that deals with treatments for various issues and hospitals should usually go with a palette of cool colors with the green being the predominant one.

In such a case, if you instead put colors that are dark such as shades of grey or brown, it might not be highly appealing to the eyes. Some colors go with a particular concept, while the others don’t and every color sends its own message.

#4. The Graphics should Go Together

One doesn’t really need fancy designs to impress their audience. Every website has its own section of the audience. A Design website would be preferred by people who are into such and therefore, would want the website to be neither bland nor over-the-top sparkly. Instead, a middle-way of a combination of colors and graphics that suit together would do just fine.

The English Hit-drama Downton Abbey featuring the infamous Highclere Castle has become a tourist spot ever since the show was released. The website of Highclere has certain features that suit really well together. Take the classic cool black or navy blue with the graphics of the castle added to it in light champagne. To top it off, it also has a crown of the Carnarvon’s, the official owners of the estate which makes a portal to the website of Lady Carnarvon.

For someone who is into royal history and Gothic architectures, the website oozes royalty and glorious past that is still wrapped with the decadence of the Victorian age.

Another example could be one of the biggest hospitals in India- Apollo. The logo and much of the website overlays a cool bluish layer. Along with that, you can see the logo that resembles a nurse holding a still burning torch. Granted, the upper area of the website, still look s a little cluttered. However, the important graphics such as emergency contact used with a red box and the certifications are clearly displayed so that the viewer would have a quick fact check upon entering the website if they wish about the reputation of the hospital.

#5. Fonts and Typography


Fonts differ from the place to place, depending upon the kind of content you will be writing but they play a crucial role in attracting more visitors. For example, MV Boli cannot be used for reporting a piece of news as it gives a very puerile look. Similarly, if you are attempting to sell a video game, mainly that has a theme akin to movies such as Lord of the Rings, you might want to use Starella script or Richard the Second script, giving your content a more historic look.

There are many more tips that one can use to improve the quality of their webpage. But these are just the basic ones which can help you improve the quality of your website drastically. These tips aren’t very complicated and as you might have already become aware. Theme colors, cool graphics, and relevant fonts always aid in making the website more attractive to the people.

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