Essay writing is one of the many forms of writing we have. It serves as a means by which we express our feelings on paper or a form of communication between each other. In the educational environment essay writing is one of the important things students get to learn right from their elementary schools to higher institutions like universities.

There are different types of essays as far as essay writing is concerned. You can check out their examples on Domyessay. An essay could be narrative in nature whereby one tells a story about a personal experience he/she had. It could be a descriptive one where you describe an object, place, or person. We even also have an expository essay that offers more clarification or illustration on a subject matter to make it clearer to the readers and finally, argumentative essays are there. Argumentative essays require one to investigate a particular topic, collect data, evaluate evidence and establish a position on the topic.

No matter the type of essay required for one to write, whether narrative, argumentative or expository in nature. Essay writing nowadays is not something that brings panic among students especially when it is given as an assignment or a project work. This is because of the availability of an online paper writing service that takes care of all associated academic work. 

Their range of services covers all sorts of academic work as a research paper, thesis, dissertation, term paper, book review, report analysis, etc. They also give their customers the luxury of selecting writers, a fair and affordable price and they do editing/proofread your work before giving you a final draft. These services could come in handy especially in helping you solve your academic-related work. Let us clearly define what a narrative and expository essay is before we explain the major differences.

What is a narrative essay?

A narrative essay is one that the writer tells a story. Often it is always about a personal experience. The aim of a narrative is not just to tell an entertaining story but to let your readers see the importance of that particular experience.

What is an expository essay?

In an expository essay, the various aspects of a particular subject matter are being explored and specific information is provided concerning them in an objective manner. In expository essays, the thesis statement presents the writer’s topic and it is usually written in a third-person pronoun.


The major similarity between narrative and expository essays is that both of them are different types of essay that involves an explanation about an event, place or object.

Also, the outline and structure of a narrative and expository essay clearly remain the same. It is both started by an introductory paragraph. Introductory paragraphs for both types of essays must be precise and attract the interest of the reader. It should contain a hook statement and also tell the reader what the essay is going to be about. The concluding paragraph of your essay should contain your thesis statement; both essays require a thesis statement that reflects the purpose of the essay. 

The body paragraph is what follows next; body paragraphs for both essays must each contain a topic sentence and definitely should show a logical flow amongst them. It is where all the explanations and ideas are being carried out. Every essay must end with a conclusion, a conclusion offers the opportunity for the writer to summarize and restate the major points. The conclusion should be short, precise and remind your readers of the purpose of the writing and your view on it.


One of the major differences between a narrative and expository essay can be seen below.

Narrative essay: A story told

A narrative essay tells a story meant to entertain the readers. It follows a fluid and versatile form of writing with almost no limitations. Every fictional piece is a typical example of a narrative essay. Also if the author tells a story about a personal experience or gives some historical facts. It is still viewed and considered to be a narrative essay as far as it follows the requirements and style of writing. Some common features you would find in a narrative essay are:

  • It comprises both concrete and abstract language.
  • Comprise lots of personal pronouns.
  • When a narrative is given on a particular subject it centers on it without deviating.
  • It does not necessarily follow a chronological order and has a simple common structure.

Expository essay: Inform and explain

Expository essays do not have room for fiction. They are direct informative articles and instructions. The essay style is simple and concise. The aim of the essay is to make the information conveyed as clearly as possible. Expository essays are more like presenting a report to a class, giving facts and information. Their major characteristics are a lack of descriptive elements as everything is based on facts and requires extensive research of the subject. The major difference between these two essays is in the writing style, while narrative allows the writer to be creative and tell a story, expository essays follow some strict rules and are not so informal.

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