I’ve seen a lot of discussion lately, about companies using social media to provide customer service – which is definitely a wise idea, but it’s only so if the company that’s providing the support through social media is using real support people, not an automated auto-responder replying with the same message: ‘Go on our site to get help!’.

You should – as a business owner – analyze the overall amount of time you’re spending servicing customers over your help channels, be it social media or live chat, even email support. Get this data together and start thinking of ways you could make social media stand out more, if it really is one of the main ways of helping your customers.

I prefer social media over anything, it’s quick and it gets the message in front of my followers and other people – which can further increase the response time, granted that someone has an answer to my query.

For a business, the most important thing to understand is that you should try and make the customer feel special, every single time. This will really increase the positive feedback and engagement rate of your social streams. There are companies that reply only to a couple of customers every day, and even then – barely with any solutions.

It can become tough to manage a large companies social stream, when there are literally hundreds of questions coming in every hour, but it’s just another reason to consider hiring a support team that will take excellent care of those customers. I see no reason for not investing in something that can only help your business grow.

Social Media Strategy for Customer Service's in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]