Sotro - Search and Connect With New People on Social Media

I like this idea of Sotro, and not because it’s another way of finding people you share things in common with. I think it’s going to be great to really connect with people, as the application itself gives you a sense of ‘belonging’ and a sense of ‘engagement’. That is what makes applications so much more different, and I am excited someone has captured that vision.

What is Sotro

Sotro will bring together you and someone else that you might find interesting, and from there on it’s up to both of you’s to figure out if you’d like to ‘take it further’. I am actually getting all kinds of thoughts about this, but mostly about business and how I could use it for those purposes. The ‘exchange’ happens only when there is a mutual agreement and a connection between two people.

How Sotro Works

At this point we’re being introduced to the business model of the application. It is going to utilize a way of ‘credits’ which you will be able to purchase directly from the Apple store within the application. You send someone a notification that you want to connect with them, and if the other person agrees to that offer within 72 hours – you both get charged one credit and get to connect.

The part where this works really well is that you ‘pay to connect’ and so both parties understand that, and that I think takes away some of the creepy effect that it would otherwise display for people who’re not social conscious.

Why Sotro is Different

There is a ton of potential to this, I’m already thinking groups and specific boards where people with specific interests can come together and create meaningful conversations, etc,.

I hope that someone from the Sotro team can join us here in the comments and perhaps enlighten us about future plans and what are the marketing plans as there seem to be none currently.

Sotro launched in November 19, 2013 – and have generated over 400 users since the initial launch. That’s pretty amazing and congratulations to them!

Sotro Details

You can check out Sotro on Twitter at @SotroApp.