I guess this can really go both ways, there will be those who dislike the app, and those who absolutely love it. I’m not quite sure that those who absolutely love it, will be found at the bottom of the top ranked users. I hope that made sense, and got my point across.

The way it works is that you create a link with a couple of questions, and then share it with your audience. I’m having trouble figuring out, who is my audience? I mean, it’s probably going to be cloud based, in order to enable to send everyone in the audience a link. I’ll ping this to the team, and hopefully we can get a clear answer on this.

SpeakerZen is obviously going to require the speaker to have the app installed, and so the business model becomes quite evident, sponsorships and the ability to promote speakers through their leaderboards, and possibly a separate social platform, which I think would only make sense.

SpeakerZen - About

You’ll need to do a couple of speeches, before you’re making any progress on the ladder, but I’m more worried that a lot of people will avoid the app, because it doesn’t provide a big enough user-base, and so I’m wondering what the marketing is going to be like.

I didn’t mean to sound skeptical, but it’s obvious that there are a lot of questions – and that’s good – about the platform, and how exactly it plans to connect everyone in the audience together.