SpendLight - Improve Your Spending Habits to Save Money

This sounds like an extremely wonderful application / platform that parents should give to their children at an early age, it’s not like they’re being taught in school how to deal with money.

I remember when I was only fourteen years old, I would already know of ways to make money for myself and my friends. We’d do things like collect scraps (and sometimes steal) all over the town and turn them in for what seemed like a fortune to a bunch of young kids. I am sure that if we were more aware and careful, we could have made that money work for us, instead us working for it.

There is currently a very limited amount of information available regarding this startup, it’s main goal is to develop a pattern from within which you could analyze your own spending in real-time. I’m really missing the part as to how it actually happens (do we just enter our weekly spending limit and watch the magic happen?), and would the data be based on the annual income and things like marriage status, household location, etc,.

I’m definitely supporting this idea, I wrote some thoughts down over the weekend on a piece of paper and one of the subjects that came to my mind was how kids are not being thought the importance of money at school – rather they’re told that you need to study hard and then work hard and that’s life.

We will have to wait and see until SpendLight becomes more widely available to the public, and who knows…it might become more than just a startup, and rather something that people will in fact use and learn from. Best of luck.