Spritz is one of the most trending apps in the recent few weeks, and rightfully so. It’s a product that wants to change the way people consume content, books and other reading material. It wants to introduce you to the concept of ‘reading one word at a time’ – which can enable you to read at a speed of up to a thousand words per minute.

Speed Reading

The above example shows how it works at 250WPM and it’s actually pretty easy to grasp the whole concept of it, you can see the other speed settings at the official Spritz website. You can also learn more about their team, and technology they use. It’s still being worked on and they’re hoping to release to the public very soon.

Spritz Technology

The lack of ability to input your own text is slightly more than disappointing, I’d much rather try out a real text and see what it would be like reading a book, than having to wait and eventually forget that Spritz even exist. I hope the team behind this product will work on this issue, and we will hear about an update soon.

Though they do seem to be very involved with the momentum at the moment, and they’re reporting a million website hits in the past few days. Spritz are also official partners of Samsung Gear 2, and the ever anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5.

Whatever the case, you can head over to this JSFiddle and check out the same ‘product’ completely free, and without any strings attached to it. It’s obvious that there is potential for this tool, and it can help to better understand how humans read, but for now…it’s just another startup that needs to prove itself.