A phone tracking app” sounds amazing but how? Most people find this method difficult, less reliable and complicated. They don’t trust it at all.

Well, I have got an amazing app to offer, that is trustworthy, not complicated at all and will do wonders, yeah and it’s not fake. Now you can track a phone number without any technical know-how and the person will never ever get an idea of being tracked. 

I know in this world of fake apps it’s really hard for one to believe that it is genuinely possible to track someone’s phone number without having perfect knowledge of it. I was one of you but this incredible app has changed my views and trust issues dramatically.

How to track one’s Mobile Number?

Well, there are uncountable apps and services which are offering mobile tracking. Some of them have flaws and some of the pros and cons. It’s really hard for one to understand which one is the incredibly perfect answer to the question about how to track a phone number on Spyic? to find the answer I started trying some of them and It finally turned out that most of them were just a waste.

And finally, I found this fantastic app. No flaw no complication. The only flaw I found was it was too amazing to consider it true. When you will use it you would love it to the moon and back.

Spyic: An Instant solution to Your Phone Tracking Problems 

Spyic is an app to monitor phones and target every bit of the data in your phone.it is a magic wand that will vanish all the worries.

Along with tracking it has other amazing features. You can actually view each and every single text. You can view all the pictures on their phone. Just need to root or jailbreak your phone.

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Why Spyic is the King of phone tracking Apps?

No Jailbreak or Root:

Unlike other phone tracking apps, you don’t need to jailbreak or root the target phone in order to get spyic work. That’s why spyic is different and the best app in the market. This is the best we can get from spyic. Isn’t it an amazing and different feature?

Stealth Mode:

Spyic is designed in such a way that until and unless you tell the person about tracking his phone, he will never get the foggiest notion of being tracked. 

Spyic required no app installation for iOS. It needs only the iCloud credential of that phone so nothing to panic about.

It is needed to be installed in Android. It is less than 2MB in size and works like a ninja. After installation it disappears from the list of app icons.you can simply launch it by entering a secret code.

Web-based Interface

You don’t need to monitor the target device by downloading any tool. In any web browser, you can open the spyic dashboard. It also protects your security system. 

Cheap Pricing Model

Spyic pricing model is not only flexible but cheap. The price is nothing in front of the features spyic is offering to you. It’s like as it’s free I was also surprised by its pricing model

No Technical Knowledge Required

Spyic doesn’t require any technical knowledge, its setup is just a few minutes game. You don’t need to sit for hours to assist it. You start it and it’s so easy flexible and clear to be done. 

Track Mobile Number Location Using Spyic

Tracking someone’s phone is the easiest, quickest way possible. Follow this step to step guide for assistance. 

Step 1: Sign up for Spyic and get a plan of subscription on your phone. iOS or Android. 

Spyic- Sign up - #2

Step 2: You need to follow the simple setup that will guide you through the easiest process. Just a few clicks. 

Step 3: iOS users do not need any app installation. Just enter iCloud credentials choose the device name of the iCloud account and that’s it.

verify-icloud-id-guide- #3

For android, you can install the app from the lin on targeted phones. Allow permissions that it requires further you can hide the app after installation.

 Step 4: After the system synced all the data you will start to monitor click start and you will be taken to the dashboard. 

finish-installation- #4

Step 5: The location tracker shows you the recent location of the device along with a live update of the device location. You can also view the timestamp of location which will help you to know where that person was at this time. 

Either you are sleeping or awake spyic is all up and working for you.

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Spyic is equipped with these features:


Whatever keystrokes the user makes the keylogger keeps the track of it. It includes user name password, type messages, even the searches.

The app organized these keystrokes.



Social Apps Monitor:

The social media platform used by the user is monitored by social apps monitor. It has facebook spy, WhatsApp spy, Snapchat spy, and much more separate modules. You can view the conversation of the concerned person. 

Call Monitor:

All the data related to the calls missed calls, received calls and the calls made by the concerned person are monitored by the call monitor including details like call duration, caller identity timestamps. You can even record the calls.

Application Monitor:

You can get the list of all applications installed in targeted phones by application monitor and you can also restrict the access of the app of your choice. Isn’t it amazing?

spyic-check-installed-apps- #6

These are just a slight view of the Spyic world list that is a bit long.

Final Words

Spyic is one of the awesome, easiest, quickest apps to track someone’s phone. The features that it introduces no other app is introducing. Isn’t it cool that nobody will get the foggiest notion of being tracked? For me, spyic gives go to go knowledge about that concerned person

It’s not so complicated to track someone’s phone number.