Bitcoin has all virtual existence and no physical sense and can merely store bitcoin in a digital storage named e-wallet. One can convert fiat currencies into bitcoin, and similarly, they can convert their bitcoins into fiat currency.

 The peer-to-peer network has always enabled a smoother exchange of bitcoin and fiat currency into one another. Fiat currency is government-issued; on the contrary, bitcoin has no government interference in its issuance. If you wish to convert your bitcoins into fiat currency, follow the steps below.  To start your trading journey, visit

Open your cryptocurrency exchange!

For the conversion of bitcoin exchange to fiat currency, one can go to the top cryptocurrency exchange and trade bitcoins into fiat currency. If you opt for a large amount, the exchange will instantly convert your bitcoin and send the coins to your bank account; if you wish, you can also transfer directly at the cryptocurrency exchange’s website. 

Convert direct!

You can also transfer your bitcoins directly and complete the conversion into fiat currency by using an online bitcoin brokerage service; you need to register for an account and place a credit card transaction request for the conversion of your bitcoins into US dollars/EUR or other currencies of your choice.

Click on Sell bitcoin!

Some trading platforms may require a conversion fee, so please check the platform from where you wish to trade. At any rate, bitcoin is the most preferred cryptocurrency in your country, and indeed, for more options for converting bitcoin into fiat currency, there is an online hub that provides a wide range of options.

Choose the payment method for transferring fiat money into your bank account!

Suppose you wish to transfer your bitcoins into fiat money, then on opening a bitcoin wallet. In that case, you can transfer your bitcoins directly to the receiving email address or mobile number for easy access. After trading bitcoins, ensure that you have highlighted ”Add Payment Instructions”. Then, you can instruct the exchange to transfer the coins from your bitcoin wallet at once automatically. 

Make a payment for sending money!

With all these steps, you have completed the process of converting bitcoins into fiat currency. To send money from bitcoin to fiat currency, only two steps are required: Transfer bitcoin using a bank account and add instructions in your brokerage account,

Other methods to convert bitcoin into fiat money!

Bitcoin debit card!

It is a device with a use case to make online purchases, and it can also have a use case to pay bills. It is a digital currency card that the user can print, but it has been offered only in some countries.

You can get bitcoins with a pre-loaded debit card.[i] You download an application, visit your local bank, deposit some cash into the card (or sign up for an account if you want to start using it immediately), and then deposit bitcoins from your choice of trading platforms or exchange them into the card.

 Peer-to-peer exchange And Bitcoin ATM!

It is a platform that offers peer-to-peer transactions, and a person can trade bitcoins or fiat currency with another person. There are popular platforms which offer this option for bitcoin users. For example, Bitcoin ATMs are installed at many places, and a private operator or government authorities operate it; it offers cash for bitcoin, which means you can buy bitcoin when you visit these ATMs directly without your need for it online banking or opening bitcoin accounts. 

How are bitcoin ATMs different from the traditional ones?

You need to insert your cash into the machine, and in return, you will get a bitcoin equivalent to the amount. The bitcoin price will decide the rate of your conversion at that time.

Bitcoin is now legal in many countries, and it is yet to legalize in some other countries as well. Bitcoin exchange has the options for buying and selling bitcoins, so one can trade bitcoins and convert their money into fiat currency. Fiat currencies, including USD (USA), EUR (Europe), GBP (UK), BRL and INR (India), are present on the cryptocurrency exchange. 

So, you can use your fiat currency to buy and sell bitcoins from the bitcoin exchange system. Converting bitcoin into fiat currency is an excellent choice to consider in case you want to pull out your invested amount, so if you wish to convert your bitcoin into fiat currency, follow the steps mentioned above.