Stipple - Your information and images together again

I’m not subscribed to any paid image companies, and so all of my images on this blog are either copyright free, or they’ve been taken from other artists – to whom I happy add a link back, and help gain exposure in one way or another. In the most recent news, Getty images – the worlds largest stock photo directory – have released millions of their images to the public, completely free of charge.

There’s a catch, but you can read about that on The Verge.

Stipple wants to help artists, creatives and photographers alike to protect and maintain the control of their images, as it is extremely easy to lose complete sense of who is sharing which of your images, why is he doing that and how come he is not giving you the right credit – it can be extremely frustrating, and those who’ve never experienced it, won’t really know what it feels like. It’s horrible.

Their marketing video shows some really great examples, of how online artists are being ‘scammed’ every day, and what they can do about it. In this case, they can start using Stipple services – a platform that allows you to manage your photos, tag your photos and even track their performance.

Stipple - How it Works

You can see the product in action at the Stipple’s learn more page, I’m having fun learning what it can do, and I might consider doing some testing with it in the future. Yes, they’re also fully equipped with business plans for advertisers, publisher, content creators or just simple artists who want to earn through their craft.

With Stippleā€™s mobile app, you can turn photos on your phone into rich, interactive experiences and instantly share them on Facebook and Twitter. Make your portfolio stand out by layering in videos and other photos from your phone, tag people from Facebook and Twitter, add links to Wikipedia articles, and more.

What do you think? Are you a Stipple’s client or a former user? Any experience reports?