A software development company works on international offshore projects and provides valuable services to the internal market as well. There are more than 62 top software development companies in Sydney, and this make-up about 39% of the total IT business in Australia. You should choose a suitable Sydney software development company, depending on your needs, budget, and other requirements.

However, before hiring a software development company, you should ask them some questions. Of course, there are the usual questions regarding rates, contracts, billing practices, and timeframe, but they are not sufficient. So, let us take a look at some of the most crucial questions you should ask your project outsourcing company.

What Kind of Team You Will be Working With?

Most companies have a sales pitch they stick to. You should pay attention to the style and the content to figure out how they view themselves and their customers, and for what their company stands for. This way, you can get a sense of what kind of company you are working with and whether the team will be a good fit for your project.

Make sure the company mentions how many years they have been in the business, as you want to work with an established company with years of experience behind them. Ask them about how many developers they have in their team. You need to ensure they have UX/UI designers, specific developers, and project managers who are suitable for your project.

You can also ask them about certifications and the awards they have won over the years, as well as the type of clients they usually work with. If a company does not explicitly mention the composition of the team, you should ask them again till you have a satisfactory answer. You want to make sure they are well-equipped for your project and have thought about how they will go about it.

Do They Have Experience with Projects Similar to Yours?

The Sydney software development company you choose should have a good track record on projects that are similar to yours. You do not want to hire someone who has never dealt with something similar before.

You should focus on the experience they have developing similar technical stacks and product features for similar industries. They should also have experience working with organizations that are similar in style and size to yours. You can also ask specific questions like what they did to successfully complete a past project. By checking their testimonials and case studies, you can get your answer.

How Will They Ensure That They Have Understood Your Project Requirements?

Often, there is a huge gap between your requirements and what the development team actually builds. As such, you should make sure the Sydney software development company understands your specific requirements. It means achieving a clear understanding of your market objectives, budget, timeline, and business issues.

It is vital that they confirm with you whether their understanding of the requirements is correct or not. You also need to understand why they are suggesting a solution for your specific goals and business problems. A little exchange regarding this matter can make sure there is clarity about the requirements from both the user and business perspective.

Some of the tools used by a Sydney software development company for communicating their understanding include minimum viable products, proof of concepts, prototypes, and wireframes. It is better if the explanation offered by the company references your business issues and project specifications. You can also ask them about how they will ensure they meet all the requirements.

What is Their Software Development and Design Process?

A good software development partner will follow a reliable, time-tested process that supports quality control, consistency, and organization. The process should follow the leading practices in the industry, and it should be based on past lessons and practical experiences.

You also need to be sure that the development process is about delivering value-added ideas and an evidence-based perspective. A good software development company should talk about logging, QA testing, UX/UI research, iterations, and Agile processes. It’s even better if they discuss all this specifically in regards to your project. It will tell you that they have spent some time thinking about the work they will do for you.

If the company does not mention any specifics, you can always ask them about the process they followed for a similar project and how the project will look like from your point of view.

How and When Will They Communicate with You?

You should always ensure transparency is maintained throughout the development and design process. The company should have established communication protocols. Otherwise, you can’t be sure that your issues will get identified and resolved on time. In that case, you can’t be sure that you’ll be getting the product you were hoping for. The Sydney software development company you hire should address the who, how, and when to communicate in case there is some update or query.

Do They Use Contractors for Doing Their Work?

Contractors allow software development companies to make their schedule flexible, but they might also cause issues with knowledge transfer. As such, the maintenance of the project may be affected in the long term. While selecting a software development partner, it is vital to consider a long-term relationship. Choose a company that only uses stable employees and provides more in terms of long-term stability for your software system.


There are several companies out there with big reputations and impressive resumes, but your project might have some unique needs that they must fit into. By asking the right questions and getting satisfactory answers, you can make sure that the Sydney software development company you are choosing can cater to your project needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out a list of the best outsourcing software development companies & choose the one that can cater to your project requirements efficiently.