Social media networks require a lot of effort and time, but may not always have an instant payoff. It is usual for a site owner to think whether certain platforms actually are just a huge waste of your time.

It is impracticable to be everywhere, which is the reason why it’s so imperative to find out which platforms can offer you the best sales, ROI and even focus your effort there.

To help you in taking an informed decision, here is the data:

Overall Winners

A while ago, Shopify released some fascinating data about which social media networking platforms drive most sales. They looked at nearly 37 million visits that they got from various social media websites and from 529,000 orders, some sites emerged as obvious winners:

  1. Facebook – Not startlingly, most of Shopify’s sales and traffic came from Facebook. As compared to all other social media websites, 85 percent of all sales from social media were actually from Facebook. The platform also had highest conversion rate of 1.85 percent, which makes Facebook the no-brainer choice, regardless of which industry you’re in.
  2. Polyvore – The often-overlooked platform, Polyvore had the utmost average order value, over well-known websites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The average Polyvore referrals shopping basket is nearly $380.
  3. Instagram – It was the next one for Shopify. The average Instagram referrals shopping basket is nearly $200/session.
  4. Vimeo – It had a high conversion rate of nearly 1.16 percent per impression,
  5. Youtube – YouTube was the next clear winner and video appears to be an extremely lucrative method to drive sales.

Top Social Media Platforms For Particular Industries

  • Facebook dominates maximum industries when driving sales is considered. Shopify’s 80% of social media platform orders came directly from Facebook in the following industries: Photography, Sports & Rec, Pet Supplies, Dropshipping, Jewelry, Clothing & Apparel, Food & Beverage, Web Design, Home & Garden, Music & Movies, Health & Beauty. Regardless of which industry you’re in, you should certainly focus your promotion efforts on Facebook greatly.
  • Pinterest appears to do quite well for Antiques and Collectibles, Books & Magazines, IT/Computing and Services niches.
  • Youtube is excellent for attracting sales to the digital products, services merchandises and automotive industry.
  • Twitter drove most sales to Email/Catalogue, Home & Office Furnishing, Gifts & Specialty and Home & Garden items.
  • Reddit accounted for about 31% for Electronics/Appliances order.

How to Find Out Which of The Social Media Platforms Will Offer You The Most Sales and Best ROI?

After you’ve picked a few social media platforms to become active on, you must keep your fingers on the pulse always to see whether they are really worth your time. Below is how.

Check The Analytics
Keep your eyes on your website’s analytics data. The Google Analytics will exactly tell you how many visitors are visiting, and the network they come from. If certain networks underperform continually compared to others, you must focus your effort elsewhere.

Ask The Audience
Ask audience through your emails list and/or website which of the social media platforms they are mostly active on. You may use survey tools like Survey Monkey or Polldaddy to set it up very effortlessly.

Split Test
Share the same advertisement or post over numerous social media platforms and see which platform gets the maximum clicks. It will speedily give you a sign on which platform your particular audience is most active on.

Additional Tips And Tricks

How to Handle Numerous Social Media Accounts
Having numerous social media networking accounts does not mean that you need to be logged into them always. There is an extremely helpful social media management tool, Hootsuite. It can make things quite simpler for you. It activity monitors over different social media platforms simultaneously and lets you schedule posts for fixed days and times. This way you may set the things up and rest assured that there is some activity always on your social account.

Use Content Marketing For Complimenting Your Social Media Activities
There are other methods to spread the word other than through social media solely. You can drive much more traffic (and eventually sales) via content marketing.

Make Use Of The Best Keywords
A few social media platforms come with in-built analytics that let you notice what topics are presently trending on that specific platform. This lets you to become a part of the discussions by using those particular keywords. People do lots of searches on social media; therefore make sure to utilize the correct keywords in your own niche. Use tools such as SEMrush to find out how many individuals are looking for certain keywords as well as who your main competitors are for those keywords. Next go to their own social media pages to see what they’re doing.

Try To Find The “Next Big Thing”
Lots of bookmarking websites, social media networks and communities pop up each year. It could be very beneficial to be one among the first one to locate the next big social media network. Being an early adopter, now you can favorably position yourself and be extremely visible to you audience that’s hungry for content and interaction. With some of your luck, one of the new websites may just create momentum, and as first mover, you will have a clear benefit. Services that are new still, but show some promise at this stage include Ello, Voat and Tsu. A few of them are quite similar to the big social networks, but every one of them has an edge of its own. So, if you wish to experiment a little bit, go and check what else is actually there.

Finding which social media platform is the most lucrative for your own business is not just the question of going out for the most famous ones. You should go where your audiences are and engage with them. You should test what works as well as what does not. However, in the end, like many ecommerce companies will show, being social really make a great difference and can even boost your sales.