Just like everything, all that glitters are not gold, every opportunity that looks exciting is not reliable! In fact, more often those that appear unbelievably good, are with higher risks of proving to be a scam later. However, there are some real deals. And you just need to look at a few legendary marketers to know how to identify and select the real deal!

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere and are always fishing around us waiting for a potential victim. They can cause you to harm large to small; but in a worst-case scenario, they can be dangerous enough to make you lose all that you had and left you to cry on the cruelty of your own fate. 

Therefore, it is very important to be able to recognize the real deal to a blinding scam before you jump on a business opportunity that pops up on your way. Here are a few useful tips to help you with that:

#1. Look for the Signs

These days, scamming has become almost like art! They present their deals with such skill and smartness that it’s quite impossible to figure out the scam. Still there are some obvious signs you must be aware of.

As I stated earlier, these opportunities are usually too lucrative to turn down easily. It’s a psychological game they play with the targeted victims which involves a lot of groundwork. So, they know exactly how you feel and furnish their offers accordingly making you fall easily into their trap. 

However, those opportunity scams can come to you anytime, in different ways, with many lucrative faces. Like if you are looking for a job offer, there is a great chance for you to encounter advertisements as such.

Experts say, especially offers that involve work-from-home or mystery shopping are more likely to be one of those scams. People who usually fall for these jobs are often vulnerable and lack practical knowledge.

Common features of these offers are they will promise profits that are too good to be true while asking for no qualifications for the post. One must be very conscious of these kinds of opportunities, analyze their agenda, and investigate before coming to a positive conclusion.

Also, beware of the Job opportunities that ask for a good pre-paid amount to get you the job. These are the offers that come with a promise of huge benefit and a gorgeous future one can hardly say no to. However, these are the kinds of scams that can cause the worst kind of harm.

Real job advertisements are usually very precise. So take note, if you find the communication going over the top; more words and fewer facts are really not a good sign. When you enquire and interact, make sure their answer is to the point and clear; if they are being vague, you must stay away. 

However, if you fear being too suspicious and losing big opportunities this way, a good idea will be to take a short break and come back again to judge the offer from a third-party point of view. Many times we miss the loopholes in us that we see for others.  

#2. Be Conscious and Listen to Your Inner Voice

Even though we may not be sure of someone’s scam, our sixth sense always sends us a signal; recognize it! In many cases, it’s only our gut feeling that can save us from looming danger.

If something seems fishy, there is a big chance that someone is trying to fish and all the never-before kind of business opportunities they have come up with are only means to hook you! So, trust your instinct and work on it, before it gets banished by your overpowering greed.

All you need to do is a bit of research on the company and its authenticity. For that, the first thing you can do is to go through their website and try to find out how prominent they are in the said sector.

See if you find a known link with the company or anyone you know working there. Also, search for their previous offers and responses, read the review of their satisfied clients and associates; try every possible way to figure out how trustworthy they can be before making a move.

However,  reviews can be made up too! So it’s better if you find someone to validate them. You can always ask a friend you trust. Not only ask one but also ask as many questions as possible until you get a concrete idea. But if you find that the information you heard doesn’t answer the question you have, leave it there; that can be a scam.

#3. Be Aware of Really Dangerous Ones

While we hear about business opportunity scams, usually the thing that crosses our mind is the thought of losing our valuable money to them. But in reality, money is the rather trivial thing that you could lose; since they are often illegal and a single response to them can take you to jail.

Not only that, but there are also others who can kill you, sell you, and can cause the worst kind of disrespect just to grab the money from you. Therefore, no matter what, when a proposal looks too tempting and suspicious at the same time, run away from it if you don’t have enough reason to believe them.

#4. Learn to Spot a Good Opportunity

Another way of terminating fake opportunities is to be able to identify the real ones. This way you can be sure, you don’t lose a good offer out of paranoia.

When an offer comes from an authentic business, it will usually have a clear agenda. There will be a marketing strategy behind it and will be directed towards those offers in particular.

In a genuine case, the job offers will also ask for a definite skill and certification. So make sure you know why they want to hire you and what will be your job description. Ask yourself if you are a fit for it. No company will hire someone who does not have the necessary qualification and is not suitable for the job. 

#5. Finally, Don’t Take The Shortcut

There is no shortcut to success. If you want to build a bright, secure future, there is no alternative to hard work and patience. So, hold on to them. Don’t let those scams tickle your greed. Make sure, your honor, future, and money are in a safe hand.